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What the Heck is Going on at KRI?!? - 29 November, 2011

Does the KRI still do anything?

More than ever... just not to the website.

We've been investigating on an ongoing basis. Greenland. Strafford. Lebanon. Wherever that "Turtle Mound" place was. We're still doing the work. We just don't have the time to keep the site up to date.

We've been lecturing. York. UNH Durham. Greenland. Again, things happen faster than we can keep up with.

Andy went back to school to chase a graduate degree in Psychology. Beau wrote a book and went on national tour to promote it. That didn't help with the time issue either.

We've trained up additional personnel. Valerie Roy has become a vital and integral part of the team, and we've had a few other very promising individuals on a few of our investigations now (we won't post their names until we are sure we have permission to). Time... our most precious commodity... comes after the importance of the friends we make and the comaraderie we achieve.

Research, analysis, and development. Aside from various pilot studies, Mike and Andy are currently going through investigation protocols, equipment, and organization processes to readdress some of the pitfalls we, and most investigators, contend with when we do what we do. As far as time goes, this process doesn't come cheap.

Sooo... what has the KRI been doing? Everything. All the things we hoped to do, and many things we never expected. Except the website.

Most importantly, however, and the biggest claimant to our time...


We have offices now. And, we have meeting / function space. And, after these several years of investigating (and confirming some) paranormal claims, we use that space to promote and expand upon the larger picture that those investigations hint at. There is something going on out there, and it's bigger than a simple "dead people don't necessarily go away." We can't even begin to tell you in the few paragraphs we have here on this home page.

Sooo, the webpage is horribly out of date. We have other webpages, too, now.

Start here:

Seacoast Paranormal

Even more surely than the KRI website deteriorates without constant maintenance, so, it seems, did the SPRG. Beau passed control of that organization back to Andy (its founder and original organizer) to revitalize it as a go-to place for groups and individuals interested in paranormal topics. It's been a slow, uphill effort, but the last SPRG monthly has finally again exceeded 10 attendees! And, there are now two new investigating teams recruiting investigators from its ranks!

Consciousness Studies

This is (for now) the primary calendar for the Center. In the front we host events ranging from serious paranormalia to spiritism so fringe-like you have to see it to believe it. But we host nothing we won't back up either empiracally or through rigorous personal validation. In the back we do the real work - Research and Investigation.

And, of course, the KRI Center for Consciousness Studies

And, of course, that site is still under construction. Who woulda thunk?

The order of website priority:

•   Meetup sites first - they are too easy to maintain to allow them to slide.

•   The Center's website, because it is now our primary presence.

•   Seacoast Paranormal's former website, returned to its interactive glory, to foster community and the sharing of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

And what does that mean for the KRI website? It remains as it is. There is far too much useful information in these 100+ pages to just take it down, but there are far too many priorities ahead of it to keep it up to date.

When this site changes again, it means great things have happened and even greater ones are about to! Check out the other sites, and PARTICIPATE!