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Created: May 11, 2009
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bridging science
and parascience

The Kitt Research Initiative grew out of the Seacoast Paranormal Research Group. Andy Kitt, who had long been interested in the many various paranormal fields, was confronted by the unknown face-to-face with the passing of a member of his family. He wanted to talk about it with people of like mind and similar curiosities, so he founded the Seacoast Paranormal social group. The SPRG is an open-membership organization, still holds monthly dinner gatherings, and - when opportunities present themselves - attend events (in a paranormal vein) together.

Three Chimneys Inn

Now enter Isabeau Esby. Esby, an experienced Medium, had been investigating and clearing hauntings as a part of her work for several years already. Seeking objective validation for her experiences, she approached Kitt indirectly and the two began investigating together ala TAPS' "Ghost Hunters" style, including other members of the social SPRG on their excursions. After a few brief experiments, Kitt and Esby soon built a core team of equipped and trained investigators, and in that first year they had professionally conducted nearly 20 thorough investigations of more than a dozen quality sites.

Time moved on. They went past emulating TV ghost hunting and entered a new phase of research and experimentation. The names and faces in the Group often changed, but there eventually coallesced a core team of individuals with similar paradigms, levels of devotion, and commitment. It's at this point the KRI became a completely separate entity. Its team still participates in functions with the SPRG and recruits extra investigative hands from its members from time to time, but the KRI operates independently, stretching the envelopes of knowledge and technique with regard to research into paranormal phenomena.

our mission

The Kitt Research Initiative exists to:

  •   Test, and validate or expose as false, techniques and concepts used in paranormal research.
  •   Define the nature of, and the terms used to describe, paranormal phenomena.
  •   Collect veridical examples and data which suggest or demonstrate (or refute) phenomenal manifestations.
  •   Hypothesize models and paradigms which could help bring such phenomena into mainstream science.
  •   Train other organizations in more scientifically acceptable methodology and theoretical modelling.
  •   Educate the general public with regard to our findings and data.
  •   Support efforts to preserve history, and the memory of those who went before.

We do not expect to be "real scientists" here - to funnel scientific method into the parasciences - we are only working to cut through the misconceptions, illusions, and fraud linked with non-academic investigation. Nor are we here to prove the legitimacy of every outlandish New Age "theory." We exist to close the metaphorical gap between the diametrically opposed concepts of Materialism and Duality. We are bridging science and parascience in a way that is painless and acceptable to both.