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Should anyone have questions they'd like to see answered in this FAQ, e-mail at your earliest convenience. Please put "KRI FAQ" in the Subject line. Thank you.

Andy and Liz - 1875 Inn

About KRI

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How can I join?

There is no "joining" the KRI. It is a closed team, comprised of individuals of closely aligned interest and skill levels, paradigms, and commitment. Although we do sometimes fill out our team with members of the SPRG when necessary to adequately cover an investigation site, this is a rare occurrence. We select those people based on such intangibles as perceived commitment, equivalent and appropriate skills and training, ability to integrate, and "gut instinct." If you believe you'd work out well as a member of our group, join Seacoast Paranormal and see how you mesh with the rest of the KRI staff at the monthly SPRG socials or other events. Even if you aren't necessarily a fit for us, there are many other members there who do (or would want to) investigate more on your level.

We are, however, accepting applicants for certain support functions. We are currently looking for historical research assistants; those skilled with video production; and advisors in the scientific and academic communities.

What do you mean by "commitment," etc.?

Think of this as you do sports. Some people want to be athletes and become members of a professional team, some are fine playing on a local team or for a gym, and some people are very okay with hanging out and just shooting hoops. The KRI is trying to take investigation to a more professional level than most people are prepared to venture. If you just want to get your feet wet or see what ghost-hunting is all about, there are many members of the SPRG who would help you or join you as you do so. We're even willing to help train you - but not necessarily include you - until we feel you're up to the task.

The same is true of "paradigm." There are certain logical conclusions that come from advanced levels of ghost-hunting. If ghosts are just people who no longer have physical bodies and they can move furniture by nothing more than dint of will, why can't those of us with bodies do so? The KRI believes we should be able to, and are probing in that direction as well. If you aren't prepared to reach that logical conclusion, you're going to have problems understanding the rest of what we do.

How did you pay for all of your equipment?

Slowly, and with a great deal of personal sacrifice. Much of the equipment was purchased on eBay and modified to our use - Andy (a former auto mechanic) is pretty good at making tools designed for other applications fit our needs rather than paying top dollar for purpose-built stuff. But the equipment doesn't make the investigator. It is completely possible to investigate a site with nothing more than a notebook, pencil, and a few common household items. Historically - as little as 50 years ago - this is how it was done. Now that the price of high-tech is so low, however, it is very possible to collect a great deal of very useful items on a very low budget.

a real "Portsmouth Tunnel"

Are you going to be on television?

Yes, and Maybe. We've already been on television as interviewed experts on paranormal activity, and radio also.

Further, we've been approached to do a series for local television, and again to be aired more regionally. Neither offer, however, is likely to come through to fruition. At this point, it is far more likely we'll produce something on our own so we have better control over content.

Is this for real?

Yes. This is for real. While we were the investigating team for the SPRG, we'd already collected enough evidence to be able to positively state that at least some of the sites we'd investigated have definitely exhibited unusual phenomena - and as KRI we continue to do so. For some of that evidence, keep checking our investigation highlights pages. We will continue to add to this site as frequently as we have the time to do so.

Evidence, however, is not necessarily proof of a haunting. There will certainly be articles in the Library about this, and I am sure this topic will be broached more than once in the forum. There are many levels to this problem, and it will be very difficult to prove anything in a way concordant with science.

TAPS' Grant Wilson - Rolling Hills
Are you affiliated with TAPS?

No, we aren't. And we have no desire to be. Because of the limitations imposed on them by their television show, TAPS has their own way of doing things, and we've elected to do them a bit differently. By affiliating we feel we would be obligated to accept those limitations, and we believe we are heading in a more scientifically viable direction.

How often do you investigate?

Generally, we try not to schedule more than an investigation every other weekend. The limit exists not for a lack of sites to investigate, but for the sheer time commitment involved with evidence analysis. It takes more than two hours of review for every ten minutes of investigation, so we expect a six hour investigation will easily take us 72 hours to go through... once. Then we evaluate what we found, put aside what mundanely caused events we can, and often have to revisit the site to confirm information - such as camera angles, ambient sounds, etc. And we all have full-time jobs to do also.

Lately, however, even more opressive than any evidence-related time crunch is the amount of time we've been spending on non-haunting research and investigation. We aren't quite prepared to expand on that just yet, but we're still very busy whether our apparent schedules say so or not.

Do you only investigate hauntings?

No. We'll investigate any phenomenon we feel falls within the realm of "paranormal." To call an investigation of some other type of phenomena, read the next question and follow the procedures it describes in the answer as best you can. We'll review how best to handle the situation. The major problem with many paranormal events is they so rarely occur that it's difficult to warrant the time investment of a full-blown investigation without a reasonable chance of finding anything. However, if an incident occurred recently enough which may have left behind some kind of collectable trace evidence, or the incident repeats often enough to give us a reasonable opportunity to do so, we will.

I think my [fill in the blank] is haunted. Now what?

First, talk to as many people as you can about it. Collect anecdotes (write them down or record them) from anyone who has experienced anything unusual at the site in question. Even simple things, or odd events that seem silly in retrospect, may help our investigators localize a phenomenon enough to determine where best to place equipment. Talk to neighbors or former owners if you can for further anecdotes, or any history they can offer. Most importantly, try to find out how often phenomena occur. Then contact us in whichever manner you're most comfortable. Go here for more information. We don't need every detail about the site to be able to proceed, but the more we know, the more we can help you.

"Orb" at Forest Glade
Are "orbs" spirits or dust?

Frankly, there's no way to answer this yet. So far, no offered explanation is wholly satisfying, and neither can refute the other. The simple fact is this: all an orb really is is a photographic anomaly - a physical effect on a medium, and as such has a mechanical cause. Before anyone should be allowed to submit a subjective agent to an objective event, proper studies need to be carefully designed and executed to show a significant statistical correlation. There is no other way. And, until that happens, it is irresponsible to make any claims of paranormal origin for the phenomenon. This is true for most forms of manifestation...; a videotape of a chair moving without apparent cause doesn't automatically make that cause a ghost. For a more complete answer, read this.

Have you ever encountered a demon?

How would we know? So far, we believe we've yet to encounter any manifestation that can't be explained as a disgruntled dead guy. We do, however, have reason to believe that at least some of our encounters were with intelligences which may not have ever held a human form. We can't yet prove that either, much less that any were "demons." Perhaps we should start by better defining the term, and delineating a clear outline regarding what would separate a demon from any other kind of presence.

Can a ghost harm me?

If a ghost can move a chair, a ghost can harm you. Also, if a ghost can affect you psychologically or emotionally, it can harm you. But the same holds true of anything we can think of: a car, a glass of water, or even the number "13." If ghosts are the disembodied intelligences most claim them to be and you think you've encountered one, just treat it with the same caution you'd offer any discomforting stranger you met on the street.

Why do ghosts only come out at night?

We don't know that that's true. It remains entirely possible that we can only separate a ghostly experience from more mundane ones because there are fewer ambient distractions at night. If you're standing in the middle of a shopping mall the week before Christmas and you hear someone say "hi, I'm Joe the Ghost," you are far more likely to ignore it (or not hear it at all!) than if you heard the same words from the same spot, but at 3:00 a.m.

Still, there is a great number of published accounts of apparent ghostly manifestations occurring during daylight hours.