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Created: May 14, 2009
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bridging science
and parascience

These are some of the people we've met along the way. Although several we've worked with are now defunct and we've been in phone or e-mail contact with many others, these are people still in the trade we've shook hands with. We do not necessarily support (wholly or in part) the methods or information from any of these individuals or groups, but we value each and every contact we make and - good or bad - learn from those experiences.

Gavin Cromwell

We met Gavin Cromwell, celebrity psychic and former host of "Most Haunted," by accident. He was in Molly Malone's (Portsmouth) with New England Ghost Project's Ron Kolek and author Roxie Zwicker (see below) taping a test-episode for a new series he was working on while we were arranging with the bar's proprietor a date for our own investigation there.

New England Ghost Project

Ron Kolek of New England Ghost Project accompanied Gavin Cromwell as objective investigator as we looked on. It was an interesting experience for us, and we remain open to working with Ron and his group in the future.

New England Curiosities

Roxie Zwicker of New England Curiosities was also present at the Gavin Cromwell walk-through, and we've met her several times since then. She is a wonderful spinner of ghost yarns, and conducts several walking tours through and around Portsmouth, NH.

Para-Boston Investigators

We met Para-Boston Investigators when one of its members joined the SPRG, and some of ours joined theirs. We attended one of their meetings and were very impressed with their senses of organization and preparation.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of TAPS made themselves particularly available at an event held at Rolling Hills in upstate New York. Both were very helpful to those who weren't "overly enthusiastic fans," and Jason was friendly and easy to talk to on breaks. No kidding, folks... they really are exactly how they appear on television!

Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming of Unknown magazine, Spirit Talk radio, and the "Dead Famous" television show didn't seem to be quite as accessible at the Rolling Hills event (listed above) as other participants, but he was fascinating to watch as he worked nonetheless. He is a bright individual, and appears to be a gifted Medium.

Patrick Burns

Patrick Burns of "Haunting Evidence" is an extremely interesting person to speak with. He is very enthusiastic with regard to working with new technology in ghost hunting, and is ready and eager to talk about his knowledge on that subject with anyone who can keep up with him - he's quite intelligent.

the Constantinos

Mark and Debbie Constantino are amazing people to work with. At Rolling Hills, not only were they very personable, but they seem to routinely "have things happen around them." That fact alone is baffling in itself, and forces one to adjust the nature of EVP a bit in one's head, and how they relate to "hauntings."

Karyn Reece

Psychic Medium Karyn Reece was also at Rolling Hills, and invited KRI's Andy Kitt to lunch with her and her associates. He claims it was particularly enlightening, as was her lecture at the function.

Darkness Radio

Darkness Radio hosts Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis were very accessible and fun - as well as helpful and informative - at Rolling Hills. They have very wide perspectives on paranormal phenomena, and are thoroughly worthwhile to engage. Dave and Tim are further examples of people helping to expand the envelope of paranormal understanding.

Kathleen Marden

Kathleen Marden, former director of field investigation training for MUFON and niece of Betty and Barney Hill, is the co-author of a comprehensive book on that subject, "Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience." Our own Mike Stevens has been working with her to establish an historic marker at the site of the Hill's abduction, and she was our first interviewed guest on "Intellectual Spirituality."

Paranormal Citings

Adrian Johnson gathered together the opinions of more than a score of the nation's leading paranormal investigators and prints their answers to monthly questions. Although we've never met him face-to-face, the Kitt Research Initiative has participated in this effort from its inception.


Windbridge is an organization which seeks to validate, and increase our understanding of, mediumship. They work using true scientific method and statistical analysis, and their research and findings appear to be tremendously valuable to the paranormal community at large. Windbridge is one of a very few groups we at the KRI have gone out of our way to deliberately align ourselves with, and we expect to apply their method to validating our own Beau Esby.

A New You

Ed Lane, Certified Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, was another early guest of our internet radio show. He has hypnotized both Andy and Beau to help them with personal vices, and has volunteered his remarkable abilities towards experiments in hypnotic other-life regressions.

Ghost Quest

New Hampshire's own Ghost Quest is one of the longest-standing paranormal groups in our home state. We met them after they lectured in the library in Andy's little town of Greenland.