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bridging science
and parascience

Here you'll find some of the better and more responsible organizations which report, experiment with, or investigate unusual phenomena. If you know of a site you feel belongs here please let us know by e-mailing our webmaster, or through any of the other recommended points of contact listed on our Contact Us page.

  •   Boundary Institute - This site contains a variety of "Psi-tests" to allow individuals to experiment with and analyze comparatively their own level of inate abilities. Highly recommended site!
Brown Lady of Raynham Hall
  •   Rhine Research Center - What started as the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory in Durham, NC, has grown into an independent research unit digging into the foundations of man's interrelationship with his perceived "dual nature." For 80 years, they have been the leader in American research into human-centered paranormal phenomena.

Ghosts & Survival
  •   ATransC (Association Transcommunication), formerly the American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena - An excellent site that provides in-depth information regarding EVP and ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication).
  •   Society for Psychical Research - There is no continuously running paranormal organization older than this, nor is there one founded on higher principles, nor one that has added more to the theory and classification of phenomena. It is truly exciting that not only are they still around, but their internet presence is alive, active, and vibrant. All paranormal enthusiasts who take their subject matter seriously should start here!
  •   The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) - Love 'em or hate 'em, TAPS, as the SciFi Channel's resident "Ghost Hunters," are currently the single most influential Paranormal group in the world.
  •   Windbridge Institute - These people are carrying on (and extending) the work of the University of Arizona's VERITAS Project - which appears to be the modernized efforts of the original London Society for Psychical Research, but validating the capabilities of mental mediumship (as opposed to the SPR's efforts in testing physical mediumship).

Patterson and Gimlin
  •   Loch Ness Project - One of the better sites with regard to the creature alleged to reside in the Loch - contains an amazing wealth of information.

  •   Mutual UFO Network - MUFON is the longest continuously running UFO investigative group in the US. They are reputable and very good at what they do. If you have interests in the field, membership is very nearly a "must."

  •   Coast to Coast AM is probably the one syndicated radio show devoted to "unusual topics" with the greatest impact on every paranormal field. This is the venue that made Art Bell a living legend, as it is doing now for George Noory - both well-deserved! The show consistently hosts intelligent conversation on topics of the greatest possible diversity. Again - whatever your interest - paranormalists, start here!
  •   Fate Magazine - since 1947, Fate magazine has been the leader in presenting true stories of the strange and unknown. Over the years it has undergone a number of editorial and design changes, switched its primary focus according to current cultural trends, and even moved from publisher to publisher (at one point owned by Llewelyn, a major publisher of Metaphysical literature). Although currently experiencing financial difficulties, it still exists, providing excellent content for anyone curious of any field of paranormal phenomena.
  •   Institute of Noetic Sciences Founded by astronaut Edgar Mitchell, IONS is one of the best independent organizations devoted to Metaphysics and consciousness studies around.