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Created: July 7, 2010

Kitt Research Initiative

Cayer leaves - 7 July, 2010

There have been many crises and complications among the KRI team members since the last update, but none so difficult to adjust to than the departure of our own Lorna Cayer. The last several months have pushed each of us through our own personal wringer, we each have responded in our own way, but we regret to announce that Ms. Cayer has opted to seek out other avenues of exploration.

When a group forms through their combined efforts, it's often hard to see the effects and influence of each of the individuals within that group. A synergy forms, an "energy" different from each individual, yet balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each of those individuals in a new and unique way. It creates a new life, and the importance of any one individual is only felt when one exits the group. The KRI has changed with Lorna's departure, and only time will tell how we rebalance ourselves in the aftermath.

The first notable change is in the website. We consider the site a low priority next to the work itself, so whenever anything goes wrong it is the first to suffer. The fact that this update is being posted should be a good indicator that balance is being reachieved. We expect it will still be a while before we again try to promote it, but at least progress here is being made.

Next, the internet radio show has been discontinued until further notice. Beau and Andy have taken the time once used to prepare and operate the show to more directly interact with the public. Beau has been conducting more classes and related spiritual gatherings, while Andy has begun a gathering of his own on the topic of Metaphysics. They have also taken better advantage of the time and are making much greater progress on each's first book.

Scheduling lectures has dropped off remarkably, but these are again taking place so please keep an eye on the calendar as it gets updated. Both Andy and Beau are now comfortable enough with each's own material to present solid efforts in each's expertise, making for much more focused experiences for the audiences.

One thing that hasn't suffered are the projects we involve ourselves with. We may not broadcast our efforts as much as we used to, but we are catching up with that, so expect more frequent updates! Aside from our normal investigative caseload (2 private residences, 1 business, and a follow up on a previous investigation - all yet to be listed on the site), we've conducted experiments in past-life and between-life hypnotic regression (with amazing results), and begun collecting volunteers for validating mediumship. The work we do continues, whether we announce it to the world or not.

We keep negotiating ourselves out of television shows, but the opportunities keep popping back up! It seems most likely that we'll be holding out until presented with the chance to participate in a full-length documentary, but the latest TV opportunity was so intriguing we had to take a shot at it. Andy is one of many in consideration for the offer so it is by no means even to the negotiation stage yet, but should the offer coallesce into something more solid we'll update you all here as soon as we are allowed.

The final word on Lorna's departure is not that it's crippled the organization, but that it has changed it. We are not the same as we used to be, but we'll adjust and move forward nevertheless. We will miss Lorna dearly - she was a friend as well as a co-investigator. We'll miss her efforts, but we'll miss her smiles too. We wish her the best in all she chooses to do.