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Created: July 22, 2010

Kitt Research Initiative

Other projects - 22 July, 2010

We've often hinted at some of the other research we at KRI find ourselves getting involved with, but rarely provide the details. Let us take this opportunity to do so.

For several months through the past winter we have been involved with various experiments in hypnotic regression. We've been working with Ed Lane of A New You Center for Hypnosis, who's been graciously donating his time towards the project. We've regressed several of our members (and associated non-member volunteers) to past lives with some particularly vivid accounts - although none yet verifiable. Perhaps even more interesting, however, is Ed's (and ours) interest in the results we've achieved in "between life" regression.

Loosely following the work of Dr. Michael Newton, our own between life regression sessions have been yielding similar - and yet notably different - results. There has been an alarming consistency between the reports of the several people we've regressed this way, but these reports don't wholly match the results of Newton's work. We don't feel we've yet collected sufficient data to form an opinion one way or another, but once Ed's schedule frees up a bit more we hope to be able to continue the experiments. Between life regression focuses on the experiences a subject recalls after a past life ends - our non-physical being as we wait to be reincarnated.

Also, through a fluke, we've been able to regress a few individuals to unusual (paranormal-related) childhood incidents. In one case, the memories were so vividly recalled - and traumatic - we had to end the session prematurely. We hope to try again with this individual as well, if we are able.

A second regressionist has contacted the KRI, too. Christina Schumacher of Metaphysical U, a distance-learning organization, allowed a couple of us to participate in a group study she's conducting with regard to self-regression. The results of this study are not yet available, but our own experience within the study may prove quite interesting.

An additional comment must be made here regarding our attempts to test Beau's mediumship. We are not yet up to the 100 volunteers we wanted before beginning the test, and we are extremely lacking in male volunteers. If you know any men who would like the opportunity to obtain a possible free reading from Beau in exchange for filling out a questionaire, please e-mail Andy. Regardless, we have begun some preliminary testing of the processes involved, and will proceed shortly with the list of volunteers already compiled if we have to. This will reduce the reliability of the study, but if Beau performs as admirably as she has been recently that may not make a significant difference. We are also considering work-arounds that will make the lower diversity of volunteers less problematic.