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bridging science
and parascience

The KRI is a closed investigative group. It is not a "membership" organization. We are a consistent team, and on the occasion we need additional people to handle a site, we draw from the experienced and trained members of Seacoast Paranormal's roster. We are, however, looking to add support people to KRI, and find it likely that once these functions are filled, any "extra hands" we might need in future investigations would be drawn from that pool first, before approaching the SPRG membership. These are not yet paid positions, but they may eventually become that. In order of priority, those functions are:

  •   Site perimeter security. We are specifically looking for an individual with law enforcement experience.
  •   Historical research assistants. Experience here is not as much a requirement as motivation and tenacity.
  •   Video production supervisor. Strong instincts for aesthetics and originality are very desirable.

Applicants who successfully pass initial scrutiny would still have to be tested "in situ" for such intangibles as team integration and resistance to panic. Those interested in applying should e-mail his or her resume and credentials to Otherwise, start attending SPRG meetings and see what happens from there.

aj kitt

aj kitt

Andy is the driving force behind the KRI. He oversees every facet of the organization, provides most of the written content for the website, personally reviews 100% of the evidence gathered at each investigation, and is the final decision maker for all aspects of the group's operation. He is the "voice" of the KRI and frequently lectures and is interviewed as expert on the topic of paranormal phenomena solo or with Beau Esby.

He is a self-employed artist and also a published author of both fiction and non-fiction. He has a BA in Journalism from the University of New Hampshire, is a member of Mensa, and has maintained a lifelong interest in all paranormal phenomena. Although he sometimes complains he's the "team juggler," his primary team functions are "point man" and "logician."

Mike Stevens

Michael Stevens

Mike has proven himself to be an invaluable team asset. He is highly motivated, very capable, and amazingly level-headed - he's a six-foot-plus cowboy who's been caught up in investigating paranormal activities. Further, he has received investigative training from an outside agency, and he has the dubious honor of being the first team member to be "touched" by something we can neither explain nor identify (Margarita's investigation, 13 September, 2008). Although, if you asked, Mike would tell you he's "just a regular guy," he is innovative, experimental, and thoroughly qualified and capable of handling any task set on his shoulders. He is a fulcrum of balance between objectivity and subjectivity, has unique senses of "pace" and "motivation," and often acts as the team's "drummer" - keeping us moving forward when outside factors seem to slow us down.

Beau Esby

Isabeau Esby

Beau has the unique distinction of being the team's Medium. It is her specialized function, and she is supremely gifted at it. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to statistically quantify her efficacy, but we have routinely validated enough of her sensations to know that she has had insights so far beyond the range of randomness or coincidence that we now value and trust her instincts. She's been wrong too - and we've yet been able to tell the difference between "on" and "off" for her prior to our post-investigation research and analysis - but her "sensitivity" may be the only way we can establish what, if anything, we are dealing with on an investigation. "Objectivity" has thus far only been able to determine whether and when events occur which cannot be explained through modern physics. It may truly be the case that the only way to determine the causes of those events will be the "subjectivity" of individuals like Beau.

Beau has earned a BS degree in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota, with minors in Biology and Teaching. She often lectures with Andy on the topic of paranormal activity, and separately or with others on a wide range of spiritually grounded subject matter. She also teaches classes on many aspects of accessing that paradigm and maintains a website of her own at