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bridging science
and parascience

Sponsorship is currently being sought. As our organization focuses more on more on this initiative we are finding ourselves shorter and shorter on available time and funds from which to work. Because of this, we are focusing on obtaining several alternative methods of funding, including lecturing (already in progress), writing, selling investigation reports, apparel, and producing a television show or other media events.

What we do is not cheap. We do not charge for investigations (we feel it would be reprehensible to do so!), even though the costs to us start around $100 (supplies, fuel, etc.) every time we head out. Further, the better we get at this and the "deeper we go," we're finding the costs of good equipment truly staggering. But it has to be purchased. The equipment must be obtained. To do what we need to do, there's a price that must be paid, and sponsorship is a way of sharing those tremendous expenses.

We understand "no one rides for free," and we as a group have considered several ways to allow sponsors some forms of compensation - which might include "in house" lectures, including our sponsors in advertising arrangements, and this page (along with randomly rotating links on our Home Page). If you feel you or your organization might be interested in any aspect of this effort, please e-mail Andy with your thoughts on the subject, and we'll see what we can work out with you.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Crystal Myst

Crystal Myst is a maker and supplier of paraphernalia associated with Wicca, Mysticism, and Spirituality. They have been kind enough to supply the KRI with webhosting services, and many of the tools that have allowed us to bring this site more up-to-date and interactive.

We'd like to further note that Crystal Myst was brought to our aid primarily through the efforts of Lorna and Beau, and Beau was even provided with some personal tools - mala (bhuddist prayer) beads - by them, and they come highly recommended by her as well! Crystal Myst... when quality and intent matter.

A New You Hypnosis Center

A New You, aside from helping some of the KRI team with overcoming certain vices, has made its organization available to us for experiments in hypnotic regression and expanding altered states of consciousness. These experiments are ongoing, and the Center's owner, Ed Lane, is aiding our group enthusiastically - even to the point of volunteering to guest on our radio show.