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Please Note!: We will NEVER charge you for an investigation! But we do gladly accept donations.

To request a KRI investigation, please submit as much of the following information as you are able:

  •   The name of the site (if it has one), and its street address.
  •   The name and contact information of the site's proprietor, or some person with the authority to allow us to conduct the investigation.
  • Molly Malone's
  •   A list of any anecdotes (reported experiences) connected with the site you can provide, or names, phone numbers, or addresses of anyone with first-hand experiences which have occurred at the site.
  •   Any known access limitations or hazards with regard to investigating the site. If the floors are rotting, we need to know!
  •   Whether or not the site has electrical power.
  •   The names (if any) of any other groups you know of who have investigated the site.

Simply put, we need to know where it is, we need to talk to a person who can legally give us permission to do the job, and we want to learn as much about what goes on there as possible.

Please e-mail whatever you can and it to with the words "Investigation Request" in the subject line.

Or, you can mail it to:

AJ Kitt / KRI
161 Newington Road, Apt. 4
Greenland, NH 03840

We thank you in advance for any leads you can provide, and any information which may advance our cause and caseload! Thanks again,

aj kitt