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We do work with Media representatives, within the following guidelines:


  •   Only Andy Kitt, Beau Esby, and Mike Stevens can speak for the KRI. Any other individuals may be interviewed, but not as spokespeople for the group.
  •   We request a hardcopy of any published piece about us, with permission to publish it (with reference), at least in part, on this website (delayed publication is acceptable), or permission to link to an online version.
  •   We request a digital copy (DVD for video, CD for audio) of any broadcast interviews, with permisson to publish (with reference), at least in part, on this website (delayed publication is acceptable).
  •   Any evidence provided by KRI remains the copyrighted material of KRI, and we will only grant non-exclusive rights.
Four Restaurant investigation


  •   You may be allowed to participate or film any aspect of an investigation except the on-site investigation itself - provided the site's proprietor is agreeable and you can do so unobtrusively. Excepting rare occasions, you may watch / film us set up and tear down, but you will not be allowed into the investigation itself.
  •   You may at our sole discretion be provided with copies of evidence collected for your broadcast or publication, but we retain copyright.
  •   Evidence review may take a month or more depending on the scope and duration of an investigation. Plan your broadcast accordingly.
  •   We will treat you and your crew with the same courtesy and professionalism we expect from you.

We'd like to point out that we aren't TAPS, and we aren't filming "Ghost Hunters." You may be making a television show or segment, but we are conducting an investigation. We welcome your curiosity, involvement, and your questions, but we will not allow you to interfere with our work.

However, that said, we may be one of the few (if not singular) remaining New England groups with intelligent answers to your honest, straight-forward inquiries.

Please e-mail your request directly to Andy with the words Media Request in the subject line. And we thank you for your interest.