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We at the Kitt Research Initiative wish to thank you for your interest in writing for our website. A few key points to remember, however:

  •   We have no full-time employees, so it may take a while before an article gets posted.
  •   Athough we are "amateurs," we treat the subject matter professionally. We are a Research organization, not a story-telling organization. We like to think that this is what sets us apart from the droves of other Paranormal websites out there. References are required, and we do fact-check. Insufficient references are the number one cause for article rejection.
  •   We are amateurs. We do not get paid for this, so neither will you. Sorry. Maybe someday we'll be able to change this.
  •   We reserve the right to reject any submission, for any reason, and for no reason. We don't say this because we don't want to publish your article - quite the contrary; we say this because we foresee the possibility that someone is eventually going to send us something that just doesn't "feel right," or for some other reason we won't want to or be able to tell the author clearly why his piece was rejected.
  •   We have editors here. Do not be offended if your piece comes back with strike-throughs and suggested changes. This is part of the editorial process, and can turn a good article into a great one. It can only make us and you better.
Style notes:

Please keep to the facts. Think journalistic professionalism and integrity. Think the 5 W's: Who, What, Where, When, and Why. "How" works too. There is certainly room for the beautiful turn of a phrase, as long as it doesn't distort the facts.

Contact Information:

All submissions require the author's full contact information. Contact information will only be published with the author's consent, but will remain on file indefinitely. Unpublished contact information will only be made available to others with the author's written permission, or by court order. Author's name will be published with all articles. We do not publish anonymously. For those who supply personal photos and brief bios, we will have a page for contributors.


Opinion pieces: need no external references. However, references will likely make your opinion more swaying. Original theories are considered opinion pieces, as are critiques and reviews. The author (you) retains full responsibility for opinions stated. If we think you've crossed a legal line, the editor will try to tell you. But we are not the law, so the ultimate responsibility for your words remains yours.

Personal experiences / first hand accounts: should contain names, times and dates, and contact information of others mentioned or involved. Contact information will be withheld upon request, but will remain on file indefinitely, as per the above section "Contact Information." We fact-check, so we will be calling at least some of them. If your article includes people who do not want to be contacted by us for fact-checking purposes, they need to be removed from the article.

Second hand accounts: as above. For our purposes, the writer is first hand. Interviewed witnesses who personally observed directly what they claim knowledge of is second hand. Anything else is third hand or worse.

Third hand accounts are only acceptable when they are referenced through previously published media (books, periodicals, documentaries, etc.) except web references. References to any online source outside our own website are not accepted without our approval (exemptions would be academic sites, government, etc.). References should be in standard MLA format (title, author, publisher, date), and should be listed at the end of the submission.


Previously published material is only accepted with appropriate copyright authorization. This holds true for any accompanying material (photos, video, audio, etc.).

Additional information:

We prefer to retain rights of first publication for pieces originally published here. Roughly, this means you can publish it anywhere and any way you want after we do, as long as its subsequent publications make clear reference to the Kitt Research Initiative or

We have zero tolerance for plagiarism. If you are caught, we will assist the authorities and offended parties any way we can.

Sending us a submission means you accept all the limits and liabilities set forth in these guidelines.

Our thanks for reading this all the way through

Send to:

You can e-mail submissions as attachments (in .rtf or MS Word .doc format) to Before sending audio or video attachments, please first e-mail separately with their file sizes. If they exceed mailbox limitations, other arrangements may have to be made.

Street address:

AJ Kitt / KRI
161 Newington Road, Apt. 4
Greenland, NH 03840

Thanks again,

aj kitt