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Created: May 16, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

1875 Inn & Olive Branch Tavern

255 Main St, Tilton, NH

Inn owner Joanna Oliver very graciously offered our team overnight accomodations and meals, full access to the basement, main floor, and much of the second and third floors, and then invited us back to lecture on the topic of ghosts and hauntings after we analyzed our collected evidence.

1875 Inn

Known anecdotes:

  •   Lost or displaced items.
  •   Full, life-like apparitions.
  •   Dramatic temperature changes in rooms.
  •   Motion sensitive lights activated without cause.
  •   Random operation of a grandfather clock.
  •   Voices heard in several areas.

We found objectively investigating the Inn problematic. First, it's an old building and sound travels very easily in often mystifying ways. At several points during the investigation, voices heard on the main floor were discovered to be coming from a television in a third floor apartment. Which leads to the second problem - there are three apartments in the building, located on the second and third floors, two of which were occupied and outside of the team's control. Further, street noises easily permeate the structure, and we could often hear muffled conversations which were identified as originating from the parking lot of a 24 hour convenience store across the street. The age of the structure further complicated collecting temperature readings - we were able to radically affect room temperatures solely by adjusting shutters and blinds, especially in the corner guest rooms.

The motion sensitive light was found to actually be triggered by a pressure switch in a stair. The switch has a timed relay which causes the light to remain on for a predetermined length of time. We were unable to gain access to either the switch or relay to examine either's condition. Also, poorly shielded wiring in the ceiling of the basement made any effort to use any kind of electomagnetic field detecting equipment (K-II, etc.) completely untenable. EM fields were found to vary by several milligauss over very short spans, particularly in the main foyer and certain guest rooms.

Although our medium identified several presences in the building (a particularly negative male in the basement of the oldest part of the structure, a second "dignified" male identified as a former husband of the owner, and a woman who likely lost a child in one of the two major fires there) and many of her observations have been historically validated, we feel a follow-up investigation of this site would prove fruitless, until such time as we could gain full access to a vacant structure and post synchronized audio recorders on the outdoor perimeter. Our objective results are inconclusive.