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Created: May 16, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

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Central Wave

368 Central Ave, Dover, NH

This turned out to be the first of three investigations we would conduct at the Central Wave in downtown Dover, and it remains the best case we've yet to take on. The two later efforts provided far less evidence than this first, but we needed to do them to properly test a few of the anomalies captured there.

Central Wave dance floor

Some of the anecdotes:

  •   Sounds of silverware trays being jostled.
  •   A partial translucent apparition ("white and misty").
  •   A cooler door opening without apparent cause.
  •   TVs turning on by themselves.

A special note here: the two camera shots (above and below) on this web page turned out to be very important angles. They help show that the "image in the mirror" video cannot have a mundane cause. The photo above was taken at nearly the same field of view as the video camera that captured the "image" and shows some of the obstacles to light transmission that should have been seen in the mirror reflection if it had been anything but a direct light source.

The photo below, although the cameraperson clearly shook a bit when the shutter snapped, shows the reverse angle of the above photo. The video camera is the bright white blur towards the left. This shot is important because it shows that the tinting of the outside window is severe enough to make it extremely unlikely the mirror image could be caused by someone shining a light into the building. Also, the dark rectangle seen through that window is the windshield of Kitt's van - diagonally parked, making it still less likely the light image came from outside as it would have had to originate either between the window and the van, or come from across the street and project over the van (even less likely because there's a 17' kayak racked to its roof).

CW reverse angle

It would be impossible to adequately describe the sheer volume of EVP we collected in this two hour investigation. Our final report could only include a handful of "best ofs" because the amount of quality audio evidence was overwhelming. Further, this was a rare instance in which we captured what we believe to be legitimate video evidence.

"Find me - long" is an unfiltered clip from Charlie Brickham's audio recorder. The only modification is that it has been amplified by 6 db. The louder voice is Kitt talking about camera setups.

"Find me - short" is cropped to include the anomaly only, and filtered 50% using a white noise sample taken from a dead air source about 15 seconds prior.

"Find me"


filtered version


Reminder: downloads are for analysis purposes only! All content of this website retains its copyright protections.

Keep an eye on the mirror on the back wall (farthest to the left). We have absolutely no explanation for "The Image in the Mirror." If you can suggest one, please post it in the forum. We have run every test we can think of. There does appear to be light moving across the wall through the area the mirror reflects, but there is no known way for that light to be reaching there. This video clip stands on its own merit.

"Image in the Mirror"


Again, we've only posted the tiniest fraction of the evidence and none of the investigators' experiences. This was only our second full-scale investigation, and it will be very difficult to come up with better, more conclusive evidence with which to aver "this place is haunted".