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Created: May 21, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

Central Wave   - 2

368 Central Ave, Dover, NH

After the success of our first investigation here, we felt it necessary to return to confirm or refute some of the evidence we captured. We spent much of the night deliberately trying to duplicate the light anomalies caught our first visit, and tried to confirm things like the distance the motion detector in the Men's room towel dispensor reaches out to, etc.

Central Wave game room

A few interesting things came out of this, our first "re-investigation." Our level of evidence capture was far, far below what we experienced our first go - which alone would tend to validate that something was indeed "happening" our first visit there, and further, Beau claimed in situ that there was very little going on that second time, which would appear to validate her abilities as well. A potentially interesting connection was Beau's assertion the first time around that the "ghost" here preferred affecting men, and our team make-up this time was heavily female. We would follow up here yet again in early September, scaled the opposite direction with a team primarily composed of males.

The most important event experienced was when one investigator claimed to have seen a human-shaped shadow move at the end of the bar nearest the front windows. Although we had a camera positioned so that the front windows were within its field of vision, the location of the shadow was obscured by interior features so the experience remains anecdotal. We were unable to record what exactly the investigator saw, but we were able to establish that it is extremely unlikely he saw a late-night pedestrian passing by the front of the bar.

That camera was positioned to test the effects of lights (particularly headlights) coming in through the front windows, to clarify the mirror effects caught during our previous effort. We found that there is only a very narrow range of circumstances that would allow any kind of light of sufficient intensity to cause any effect in the back half of the bar, much less the strange mirror "reflection" caught then. We were intially (during the analysis phase of the prior investigation here) wavering back and forth quite a bit on whether or not the image in the mirror was anomalous. The analysis after this second trip there is what locked "mundane" out of our opinion - there is just no way that light came from outside the bar, or from within.

Although we did have a couple interesting subjective events occur after Beau left for the evening, we collected so little of value this time around that had this been our first try we would have had no choice but to call the investigation "inconclusive."

Evidence or not, this was quite a learning experience:

  •   Sometimes you have to go to a place more than once - activity doesn't necessarily "ramp up" for us on demand.
  •   Some events you think are "normal" aren't, and vice versa.

For anecdotes, see the notes from our previous investigation (13 Apr 08).

This second investigation here, the experience was far more weighted to subjective events than objective, and the evidence collected was so meager it truly befuddled us. We still say the place is haunted, but not because of any evidence collected at this go-around.