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Created: May 21, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

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Central Wave   - 3

368 Central Ave, Dover, NH

This, our third investigation of Central Wave, was both an additional attempt to find mundane cause for some of the items captured back in April and an effort to test some new members in an investigative environment. Further, we took the opportunity here to test a second Medium, Vicky Asbury.

Central Wave basement

Although we were again disappointed in the level of objective evidence we collected, our further efforts to find mundane cause for previously experienced events solidified our stand that some were truly paranormal in nature - in particular, the image in the mirror from our first investigation here.

Also, however, we again tested the sounds of footsteps which were reported heard in the basement from the bar floor above. We felt we had appropriately addressed this during the second investigation here, finding that the sounds of individuals walking in and around the front part of the bar travel peculiarly and creaking floorboards were easily heard below. Although the creaking sounds were interpreted by us then to be footsteps, we did have an incident this night in which the steps themselves were heard - much like the sounds of booted feet heavily traversing the floor - even though no one on the team wore hard-soled shoes, nor was anyone moving at the moment the steps were reported. Unfortunately, although the investigators who claimed to have heard the sounds stated they were particularly loud, they were not picked up by any recorder - so the claim becomes yet an additional (investigator reported) anecdote.

As for the Mediums' experiences, Beau's report contained some additional information regarding the nature and cause of the alleged "ghost's" presence, but was too deeply rooted in intangibles to allow any further validation of her claims. Vicky's reports were too vague to allow any serious evaluation, but she was accurate enough (as far as she went) for us to want to try her again at a later date.

Again, we were left with an investigation of a site we'd already claimed was "haunted," but with very little additional objective evidence with which to further support the claim. We expect, however, additional future investigations here, in which we hope to test equipment modifications or perhaps other mediums.