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Created: May 21, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

bridging science
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Molly Malone's Irish Steak House & Pub   - 2

177 State St, Portsmouth, NH

This, our second excursion to the legendary Molly Malone's, provided interesting encounters - mundanely generated - but little in the way of new evidence. Although we had no new anecdotes to refute or support, our first outing here was heavily contaminated by noise intrusions from an upstairs apartment and we felt the site deserved a further effort. As with our third investigation of Central Wave, we took advantage of this situation to test a new medium, this time Ed Hall.


We did collect one particularly interesting video this time around, not so inspiring to view: a point of sale system began spouting a long trail of register tape about 3:00 a.m. This could easily be construed as a "normal" event - restaurant / bar systems often compile a day's receipts at a prescheduled time. We knew from our previous investigation here that the owner had in fact set his sytem to compile at 3:00 am - and had even caught some of that on video then - but without the very long trail of register tape. Further, the system's monitor began displaying what we believed were very unusual effects - but Molly Malone's would close it's doors before we could determine in situ exactly how normal / unusual the screen / tape event truly was. It is now considered "interesting, but mundane."

We also specifically tested a number of reported anecdotes, including the tendency of bathroom slide locks to latch and unlatch themselves, without positive results. The "latch phenomenon" was of particular interest to us as it was frequently reported - and continued to be reported even after the establishment changed ownership. In fact, it continued until the new owners changed the doorlocks to the bathrooms to a system that could be unlocked from the outside should the need arise. The former slide lock system could not (see photo).

A close examination of the door frames showed that the slide locks had to be shifted from time to time whenever the wood became so severely damaged from repeatedly having to be forced that it became irreparable.

In a particularly strange validation for Beau, she reported immediately upon enterring the site that someone had attempted to "clear" the establishment. The owner confirmed this (on audio) as we were being let out at the end of the investigation, but would later deny it. We cannot account for this, except to say that what Beau told us matched the owner's first statement, and her further "observations" followed very much along those lines - that although the clearing was noticeable and at least partially effective, it also seemed to create some kind of "vaccuum" into which other spirits soon gathered.