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Created: May 15, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

Margarita's Mexican Restaurant & Watering Hole

1 Bicentennial Square, Concord, NH

We took advantage of the sprawling size of this site to again test a second medium. The results of that test were a little disturbing. By now we'd developed a certain amount of respect for and trust in the sensations reported by Beau. The second medium, Vicky Asbury, reported very nearly the same observations - but from a radically different perspective.

The investigation itself proved challenging. The restaurant - a former city jail - makes use of the original prison cells by providing diners their own "private rooms." Exciting and interesting for customers, but a nightmare for proper camera coverage. Further, the unique system of hallways and passageways limit the sight range from every angle. Complete video coverage was impossible.

Anecdotes include:

  •   Moving chairs, plates, glasses, and silverware.
  •   Unusual images caught on customer cameras.
  •   Restaurant equipment turning on independently.
  •   EVP captured during a (non-haunting related) video production.

The two most impressive objective exeriences were Mike Stevens' being "touched," and a series of hanging plants which began moving without obvious cause. There is no physical data recording Mike's incident, but we are absolutely certain that something happened. Mike's response and subsequent behavior (recorded) were undeniably sincere and dramatic. Whether something legitimately came in physical contact with him or not, he was clearly affected.

Margarita's 'cells'

The hanging plants were recorded, but we are yet to be convinced there could be no alternate mundane explanation. The event is certainly curious, but we are not wholly satisfied it should be considered "paranormal." The event is still under analysis.

Very interesting things happened with regard to the two mediums present, and clarifications will be made available on our (still pending) final report. One highlight, however, was Beau's repeated remarks "Joe not George, Joe not George." This was particularly interesting, as George was the "pet name" the staff used for the alleged presence.

Enough happened here for us to believe the establishment truly is haunted, but we have yet to validate enough objective evidence to support that conclusion.