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Created: May 21, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

bridging science
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Private Residence 1   - 2

Syracuse, NY

After the follow-up of Central Wave yielded unexpected results, Kitt decided to also follow-up here the next time he was going to upstate New York. He stopped over for a few days before his Rolling Hills event. Specifically focusing on the "alarm clock anecdotes," his single piece of equipment was an audio recorder. He recorded the first two nights he spent there.

Additional anecdotes:

  •   A large dresser was found moved out from a wall.
  •   The deceased's alarm clock started to go off again, but now at exactly 5:00 am.

This attempt, however, proved far less than satisfying. Although both nights an alarm clock did in fact sound at 5:00 am, Kitt noted that it wasn't the same "sound" as his previous stays there. He checked the area and discovered a battery-powered travel alarm, set to 5:00 am. It would be very easy to claim that "the ghost did that too," but it is perhaps even easier to say someone put it there and set it deliberately - the former homeowner's surviving spouse was actually finding the "ghostly visits" particularly comforting, and it seems very likely that when the alarm stopped sounding one of her nephews or other relative would have placed the second clock to continue that feeling. No interviews were conducted, as Kitt felt it very unlikely a hoax would be admitted. Nevertheless, "hoax" appears to be the most likely cause of the second wave of "alarms."

We would like to point out, however, that this hoax does not lesson Kitt's belief in the veracity of the first reports - that the original wave of events might also have been hoaxed - Kitt was present for a good number of them, and stands behind those claims. But we have no reliable objective evidence substantiating any of that either. Results remain "inconclusive," now with the suggestion of hoax attached.