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Created: May 21, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

Private Residence 2

Lebanon, ME

The possible ramifications of this investigation proved interesting. The homeowner claimed a variety of manifestations in his home... but according to the Medium only the (unattached) garage and the backyard swingset area were "haunted."

close-range spider

Partial list anecdotes:

  •   Shadows moving of their own accord.
  •   Voices speaking when no one was around.
  •   The sound of singing, heard by several witnesses simultaneously.

The proprietor further claimed subjective experiences of his own, and of customers of a business once located in the front part of the house. Normally, we wouldn't even list wholly subjective claims, but we felt this case more interesting in light of them.

As she walked through the house areas Beau noted that although there were several "spirits" present all should be considered "guides" and deceased family members. She acknowledged that the phenomena experienced by the homeowner were legitimate manifestations, but that there was nothing present that shouldn't have been there. Until she went out to the garage. We've yet to validate historically any of these statements, but in the attic area there, she claimed to have found the ghost of a young woman who would have drowned within a few miles of the house, about the turn of the 20th century. This girl, she claimed, would frequently interact with the proprietor's young son.

So, the important question now arises: if Beau's spiritualist paradigm is true, how many experiences of manifestations are actually being caused by those who would "guide" us, rather than by invasive or "stuck" personalities?

No substantial pieces of objective evidence were collected here. Results "inconclusive."