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Created: May 21, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

Private Residence 3

Portsmouth, NH

This residence again raised the question for us regarding how many manifestations are from sources we shouldn't be interfering with.

Partial list anecdotes:

  •   Lights seen on when the building was vacant (for renovations).
  •   Radio turning off of its own accord.

The list of anecdotes from here which could have been objectively experienced was very small in comparison to most of our investigations, but (as with the Rochester Scenic Theater) the owner was an SPRG member and some problems internal to that group allowed the investigation to proceed. Further, the owner made several historical claims and claims regarding physical evidence that appeared, prima facie, to be legitimate. Very little checking, however, exposed their realities.

a private residence

The history of the house as explained to us contradicted both itself, the "evidence," and some claimed subjective experiences - it was stated in advance that the personal effects of a young girl were found walled up in the house during renovations there and that the prior owner, who was alleged to have built the house in 1924, never had any female children. On close inspection, however, the toys and articles of clothing presented proved to be non-gender-specific. Further, the stated year of original construction (when compared to the age of the man alleged to have built it) would have meant that that individual would have had to build the construction when he was about four years old. Although we find discrepancies like these discouraging, we have been proceeding with evidence analysis regardless, albeit at a lesser "priority."

Ironically, whether the history or record of manifestations were correct or not, we did manage to collect some interesting pieces of evidence. Yet to be properly analyzed is a pair of similar video clips in which what appears to be "smoke rings" drift in front of a portable camera while an investigator is talking animatedly. Although the effect appears as if it should be mundane - we cannot begin to conceive of why anything would choose to manifest this way - neither can we discern any possible natural cause. We are withholding release of some audio clips until we've reached a proper conclusion regarding the videos.

Our subjective experiences here were particularly interesting. Our Medium was unable to attend the investigation, so we conducted a kind of "walk-through by proxy" in which she guided one of our investigators through the house by cell phone, instructing her where and when to turn. This in itself was a pretty remarkable feat - even though the conversational exchange was very leading in both directions - but when Beau directed the investigator (Lorna) through a door which Lorna wasn't aware of, we were very impressed. The door was found behind layers of thick plastic wrapping and insulation, and couldn't be seen by Lorna (nor her cameraperson) in situ. This is an amazing validation for Beau, as it is very powerful evidence that she wasn't reading (consciously, unconsciously, or psychically) the investigators, but the site (or something present on the site) directly.