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Created: May 21, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

Private Residence 4

Laconia, NH

The "Hero of the Day" here truly was Beau. We had agreed with the Arts and Entertainment Editor of the Portsmouth Herald to include one their columnists (Lily Robertson) in on the investigation, we had several other last minute changes to the investigator roster, and we were compelled to include a completely untrained investigator under a pre-existing but outdated policy. Our level of objective evidence capture was pathetically low, and yet Beau came away so remarkably validated we're tempted to say "haunted" on her word alone.


But "temptation" is not how we work here.

Some anecdotes:

  •   Claims of apparition and interaction from a young child.
  •   Moving shadows.
  •   Tenant held down by an unseen agent.
  •   Voices and footsteps heard coming from a porch.

We very nearly turned this investigation down. There were several uncertain factors involved, not the least of which was the fact that any and all of the reported anecdotes could easily be attributed to very normal causes - the combination of an active child's imagination, sleep paralysis, and the urban setting could account for most. But the timing was right, and we were given full access to both halves of the duplex, so Kitt went through the motions of recording the pre-investigation interview with the occupants. As mentioned, the objective data already sifted through has revealed almost no support to any of the allegations, but the subjective side of the investigation was impressive to an astounding degree.

Just about every report of alleged phenomena (as reported to Kitt by the tenants) were noted by Beau. She managed to relay accurate information about the building's construction and original layout, the personalities and encounters of each family member, and even their physical descriptions. Then she went on to "read" the reporter, alluding to significant events in her life with such acute accuracy Lily felt compelled to ask Beau to stop! There are times Beau is "off," and there are times she is "on." Here in Laconia, she was most definitely "on." And we feel Lily was so impressed with the level of Beau's ability that night it prompted the glowing article she submitted for the following weekend.

This, however, leads to a problem for us. We have a medium accompany us on investigations to help determine what it is we are dealing with and to provide a direction for us while we track down the historical research. In this investigation, however, she supplied all that and more, but to a group who cannot say with any kind of self-respecting certainty whether anything was "present" at all.

The tarot card pictured above was an unexpected (if completely unverifiable) bonus from Beau. It was found on top of a cupboard - quite near the ceiling and well above eye level - and she claims that it was placed there as some kind of protective ward to prevent the presence she detected on the porch from entering. It may make some kind of sense in light of the rest of her reading, but we find it unlikely to be part of anyone's memory or any written record for providing her confirmation. The card appeared very old, and had printed on the reverse side a pattern and the words "Tarot Card Number 30." The current standard for tarot decks lists Justice as "Major Arcana #XI" (number 11) while the card found lists it as VIII (8). Also, the "card" was actually printed on a very heavy bond paper, but clearly not any kind of traditional cardstock.

And, as a final unexpected subjective event, Lorna became inexplicably overwhelmed emotionally at one point in the investigation - the first of now several occurances. Beau (and Lorna) claims that this was due to direct interaction with a "ghost," and that Lorna is in the process of some kind of "spiritual awakening." We are currently experimenting with both, trying to determine and define what exactly this might mean in relatively understandable objective terms.

As far as we can determine from the physical evidence, however, this investigation remains "inconclusive."