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Created: May 18, 2009
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Stacey Jane's Restaurant

9 Ocean Boulevard, Hampton Beach, NH

Who would have thought that a restaurant, most of which is less than 10 years old and in an area that went largely undeveloped until after 1900, would be haunted? Certainly not us, but when we were called upon by Beau Esby to help her investigate the site we were eager to participate. Stacey Jane's was our first investigation as a group - even though it was headed by another group (Beau's Purple Ring of Light) and four others there were representing Gloucester Paranormal, 80% of the investigation team were SPRG members. We didn't have as much success as we would have liked, but it was definitely a learning experience.

Stacey Jane's

Some of the anecdotes:

  •   Sounds of people running on the stairs after hours. Also, footsteps could sometimes be heard in the floor above.
  •   Partial apparition was seen in the lower bar.
  •   A bar faucet turned itself on (lower bar).

We didn't come away with much evidence, or even clear experiences (not counting "sensations"), but the site definitely warrants further investigation. A single piece of evidence was discovered on an audio recording at the end of the night, when all but two investigators had already gone home. The following photograph shows an audio recorder located about where the recorder was when the EVP was captured.

Stacey Jane's upper bar

The audio on the left contains all the anomalous sounds in the first few seconds. After that, the last two investigators (Kitt and Brickham) talk about leaving. Their voices are left in for comparison. On the right are the anomalies only, slightly amplified. The first sounds are a completely unidentifiable mumbling, a loud breath, and a crackling sound. The "mumble" might be a video game in the corner of the bar. The breath might be Kitt. The crackling is Brickham wrapping a camera in plastic. But the last sound is clear enough so its voice can be identified as other than the two present, and its words understood.

"We're Dead" - long version


"We're Dead" - short version


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Ironically, almost everyone who has heard this audio believes that the second anomaly is clearly not the voice of either investigator... except Charlie Brickham. He still feels there is a possibility that that was his own voice, under stress from lifting his equipment bag, even though his voice is clearly under stress when he says "Yep" in the long version. However, the fact that one of the two investigators present is uncertain is enough to weaken this example, and the site has left us with no clear evidence with which we can make a positive claim.