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Created: May 22, 2009
Last modified: July 13, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

Scenic Theater

North Main Street, Rochester, NH

Scenic Theater

Through a series of miscommunications and disregarded protocols, we ended up investigating this historic Rochester venue. This is one of two instances in which we were lured into an investigation without adequate evidence suggesting an investigation would be a worthwhile investment of time and resources, and although the other instance did have some meager anecdotal support (and we were able to gather surprising results) we moved forward with an investigation of the Scenic even though we had no known anecdotes.

It should come as no surprise, then, that we also did not manage to collect any defensible evidence.

We also shouldn't have been surprised that this was one of only two occasions that Beau backed out of an investigation. In the other instance, she was overwhelmed by illness. In this case she begged out over a babysitting clash.

It remains, however, a valuable experience. We consider our efforts here a baseline for the phrase "not haunted," and it afforded us an excellent opportunity to test the limits of Brian Caton's "sensitivity." Further, the very large size of the venue presented us with an excellent training environment in which we experimented with communications, solo walk-throughs, and other functions.

No substantial pieces of objective evidence were collected here. We expect, in light of what we do and the processes we go through before scheduling investigations, this is the exception that proves the rule - "not haunted."