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Created: May 22, 2009
Last modified: July 14, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

McMenemy's Restaurant & Pub

177 State Street, Portsmouth, NH

This is actually our third investigation of this site - it's the restaurant that took the place of the former Molly Malone's. New owner Traci Schaake did an amazing job refurbishing the place, and as it's been reported that renovation may increase the quality and quantity of paranormal manifestations we wanted to get in there as soon after those renovations were complete as possible.

We were particularly interested in seeing if and what kind of anecdotes the new owner would have noted or collected, and she reported a combination of old and new, from customers, staff, and workmen. Those anecdotes include:

  •   Restrooms locking and unlocking on their own - this problem appears to have resolved itself by replacing the door locks with ones that can be unlocked from the outside.
  •   Aromas of "floral scents," and more often, blueberries.
  •   A cart was reported to have moved of its own accord.

The most interesting reported manifestation is largely responsible for making this reinvestigation available for us. Traci's husband was reluctant to allow us the kind of access we needed, and he had a predisposition against paranormal phenomena. His temperament softened, however, when a scanner / printer began displaying a nickname he'd had since childhood on its tiny LCD screen. Regretably, he didn't think to photograph the anomaly while it was occuring.

Our analysis of the data collected at this investigation is by no means complete, but we believe we may have found examples of EVP which contain the voices of a woman, or perhaps a child or children. Regrettably, the recent changeover in the organizational structure of our group has hampered our ability to complete our analysis, but we are looking forward to getting back to it very soon.