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Created: May 22, 2009
Last modified: July 14, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

private residence 5

Gilmanton, NH

We were approached to do this investigation by an attendee at one of our lectures. Her sister had been experiencing phenomena in her home since it was built 15 years before, including:

  •   Children's toys (drumset) being manipulated.
  •   A tapping sound which would move progressively closer.
  •   Displaced objects.
  •   A mantle being "swept clean".
  •   Shadows and "black clouds" seen peripherally.

And, one interesting event happened here immediately before the investigation began: a penny was found.

This discovery may not seem so "eventful," but the claim is as follows: we were required to allow a family member on the premises during the investigation. The family who occupied the house had left for the evening, and that remaining family member (Holly Bennet, who also joined the SPRG in anticipation of the possibility she would be allowed to investigate as well) was onsite alone. As she had placed her purse on a chair in this remarkably well-kept house, she found a single, very unusually corroded, penny. Finding pocket change in unusual places is an oft-reported manifestation, but it is also a frequently occurring mundane event, so we are not claiming that finding this penny is in any way paranormal. However, because it is so unusually corroded, and because finding this penny would lead to later significant events for our organization, we have preserved that penny as best we could for future analysis.


One additional comment regarding the penny: when it was placed in Beau's hand, she sensed "laughter." Even for those who have absolute faith in her abilities, this is a non-comittal response. Does laughter mean the penny is an apport, or does it mean the presence there felt it was humorous that we took finding it so seriously? This illustrates a caution any investigator must consider when working with mediums - you cannot "place meaning" on a medium's sensations, and neither should the medium. It is vitally important to record his or her sensations without trying to superimpose any sort of pre-conceived notions.

As for the rest of the investigation, Beau did sense an intrusive presence here, and she did "cross" it. This is a standard practice of ours - short of mitigating factors, we will always attempt to cross any presence we find "stuck." This may seem like it defeats the investigative aspects of what we do by removing the possibility of follow-up investigations, but we feel that if the Spiritualist paradigm is valid it would be unseemingly cruel to find an awareness "stuck" anywhere without trying to help it get to where it needs to be. Besides, by clearing or crossing, we set ourselves up for the situation in which a follow-up investigation would create a new situation with which to compare the findings of the original investigation of that site.

Our analysis of this investigation is by no means complete, but our initial findings thus far are very intriguing. Until we have exhausted our full process, we are labeling this site as "likely haunted."