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Created: July 14, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

private residence 6

Somersworth, NH

When one of our began to notice odd things going on at his own home, you'd think we would have responded immediately. It doesn't work that way, though. Frequently, odd things seem to follow investigators home, and those events and series of events usually die down fairly quickly thereafter. We've learned to expect this, and some of us even welcome it. This case seemed to be a little different. The manifestations were more randomly timed, and seemed less connected to our work. Some anecdotes:

  •   Kitchen utensils and decorative items "ejecting" from a place they were setting.
  •   Unusual scents and voices which didn't appear to come from the neighboring apartments.
  •   A "ghost cat." This animal had been seen a number of times by several witnesses. In one case, the witness was so convinved the cat was real she gave chase thinking she let out one of the investigators live cats. It was only after she "cornered" it up a stairwell that she realized it wasn't there.

But still, even with the accumulating reports, it wasn't until Beau recommended placing a camera there overnight that we actually did so. She told us where to put it and what to center it on. The square bag in the center of the bookcase is 5 mil thick poly and next to it is a package of origami paper, which worked out perfectly for providing a fixed reference for the movement. It had sat in that spot for 18 months without moving. This night, however, it moved nearly two inches over a 10 minute period - the bulk of the movement occurring in the minute and a half presented here.

"Ashes on the bookcase"


This was not a full scale investigation. Yet, it remains impressive by virtue of the fact that a medium claimed an effect would occur, and it did. The bag contains the cremated remains of a member of the family of the investigator who resides there.