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Created: May 23, 2009
Last modified: July 14, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

private residence 7

Waterboro, ME

We're not certain how "private" a residence we should consider this site to be. Property owner Sybil Howe has had it investigated several times, by several groups, including A & E's "Paranormal State." Further, she once had a website ( which indicated that for a very small price she allows any group or individual self-guided walking tours and sleepovers, with the proceeds being donated to charities (animal welfare groups).

Without going into details, this is another site (a developing pattern for this year, it seems) which was thrust upon us. Frankly, it was an intense experience. Known anecdotes are better reviewed by checking out Sybil's website and the Paranormal State clips there.


Our initial findings are very suggestive, but we are not yet convinced the site is truly haunted. Although we are subjectively convinced something is "going on" here, there are indications that imply there might be something happening that is more related to the site itself - the land - than any persisting presences. More to come... .