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Created: July 18, 2009
Last modified: July 14, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

private residence 8

Farmington, NH

We've only just done our preliminary checks on the data we've collected at this site and it already appears to be a particularly self-validating investigation. We came upon the investigation a bit randomly and our pre-interview with the homeowner was too spontaneous to allow us to properly record the anecdotes prior to investigation, but we did have two team members present at the interview (Mike and Andy).

attic corner

What makes this investigation particularly intriguing for us is that Lorna - who had very little confidence in her budding mediumistic talents - was given the opportunity to do a full-fledged, recorded walk-through prior to Beau's arrival. And, on that walk-through, she achieved a "hit-rate" (when compared to reported anecdotes) that was through the roof. The level of specific detail was insufficient to lead us to believe she perceived anything which could be validated historically, but Beau's later walk-through gave us a number of points we believe can be confirmed historically (some of which already have been), and her own walk-through proved to match Lorna's spectacularly well. Further, some of the (as yet unconfirmed) evidence collected seems to match both walk-throughs and the anecdotes.

Although this investigation may not have been handled particularly well in its initial phases (which may limit any future statistical / scientific value), it seems it will become a very important part of our record as we appear to have five levels of matching data - the anecdotes, two reports from mediums, evidence, and historical background.