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Created: July 14, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

private residence 9

New Durham, NH

This was hardly what we'd call a good investigation. It started as a request to Beau to clear an individual's home of some presence he perceived there. Beau, who does this sort of thing for a living (along with many other functions), asked Andy along more as security than as an investigator - the site was quite "out in the woods." Because of that, anything Beau said during her walk-through would be completely invalidated - she could have had access to the anecdotes and history of the site before our arrival. Ironically, however, Andy collected anecdotes from the homeowner and a friend of his... and they didn't match Beau's reading very well.

a home in the woods

So what do we have? Not much. Audio and a portable video collected nothing unusual, lending no credence whatsoever to either the resident's stories or Beau's report. The only incident to occur in Andy's (and others') presence was a moment in which the homeowner appeared to be shoved - as if a hand on his chest jammed him back several inches. It was a single, brief event, however, and in light of the other evidence (or lack thereof) not much to work with. This investigation is considered "inconclusive."

A side-note, however: subsequent communications with friends and others implied the homeowner may have been instrumental in causing his own problems. It seems quite likely he may have been dabbling in things he ought not, and quite unlikely we will follow up here with anything further.