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Created: June 15, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

private residence   - 2

Gilmanton, NH

This was a follow-up to our previous investigation here in Gilmanton. In the course of that investigation, Beau claimed she felt that a body was buried on the property in an unmarked grave. A claim like that can only be verified the hard way, and we couldn't do it the first go around - there were three feet of snow out there. We showed up with shovels a year later, asked Beau where to dig, and we dug. And dug. And dug.

a private residence

We did not turn up a body... yet there were still some interesting experiences and validations from this "experiment." A few days prior, we had Beau do a reading of the site from the comfort of her office. She drew a map showing a few points of reference and the relative distances between all the trees larger than 9" diameter within 10 yards of where she believed the body lay. When we arrived at the site Beau did a walk-through and pinpointed the place where we were to dig in situ, and only then we took out the previously drawn map and compared it to the actual lay of the land - and it compared remarkably well. This is no simple task - her only errors were the range to one of the reference objects, and one tree which was physically present was not on the map. As a control method, we took the map to several arbitrarily chosen points in the same wooded area and compared the map to each of these - with success rates all below 30% (number of objects on the map being accurately reflected in the surroundings). This is powerful stuff! It would have been far more powerful, however, had we uncovered a body... .

We would like to add that Beau indicated an area about 10' by 10' - and we only uncovered about 25%. The work got tiring doing it by hand, and the place indicated would not have been easily accessable to power equipment. We did manage to find an antique Pepsi bottle and a milk bottle of indeterminate age.

One final interesting event occurred while we were digging. The outside temperature was in the low 60s or better (well above the temperature at which breath can be seen) the whole time, yet on two occasions it was noticed by all present that Andy's breath was visible. It was only true with Andy's breath and the condition followed him as he moved about for several minutes before it faded. Also, although Andy is a smoker, he had not had one for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to either occurrence, and Andy was not the only smoker present. It was a very curious effect to witness.