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Created: June 15, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

private residence   - 2

Greenland, NH

We often say that the more we investigate, the more things follow us home. Last year we set up cameras in the home of one of our team, and now we've had to do it again. Same investigator, different problem. Or, the same problem? Unusual occurrences continue to happen.

Magazine event

A partial list list of anecdotes that occurred since the last time:

  •   A handwritten "epitaph" found on the wall.
  •   Falling objects. In one instance, a shelf was literally torn out of the wall.
  •   A shower caddy bent while the investigator was taking a shower.
  •   Serious distortion in a drinking glass.
  •   Magazines being pulled out of his bookcase.

The most interesting part was the magazines being pulled from the bookcase. The first time it happened, it was just duly noted and logged. The second time (the next day), a photo was taken of how it was found. Because of the height of the shelf relative to the height of the magazine, it was believed that one of that this was indeed an odd thing to happen. The investigator has a pair of cats and (like all cats) do tend to sharpen their claws - could a cat pull a magazine out of the shelf if her claws snagged on it? it didn't seem likely because for the magazine to rotate out and land the way it was found would require more height than the shelf had.

Writing on the wall

So we set up a camera for long-term observation - you can do that sort of thing when you have ongoing access to a site. And the camera did in fact pick up one of the cats scratching at the front of the bookcase, and she did in fact pull a magazine partially out of the shelf. But is that evidence supporting a mundane cause, or does it support a paranormal one? The irony here is that although the cat was able to pull a magazine out partially, the shelf above the one the magazine was stored on prevented it from being pulled out completely and rotating the way the photographed one was found. So is this event paranormal or isn't it? These three incidents - all occurring over the course of four days - had never happened before or since. They are very curious, but not necessarily paranormal.

Also curious was the "epitaph." When the current resident first moved in, the apartment was first thoroughly cleaned, including carpets and walls - the writing could not have been present but unnoticed. Also, a check with the landlord revealed that no such person as the one named had ever rented the unit. We are 100% sure the name was unknown to both the current and immediately previous residents - he couldn't have lived there any more recently than 2008, which was the "deceased" date on the script. So who was he? A few months after the writing was discovered, the resident received a piece of mail addressed to the individual whose name was written on the wall. It was an invitation to an employee picnic from a local business.

A final note here: Beau's perceptions indicate there is nothing going on in the apartment that shouldn't be going on. Nothing stuck. Nothing visiting, except "guides" or what-not that should be expected. And yet, something is happening and continues to happen. What? We don't know.

Investigation "inconclusive."