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Created: June 15, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

private residence 11

Farmington, NH

Our investigation here came as a direct result of our involvement with the SPRG. The resident had been experiencing phenomena, was having difficulty gathering help to investigate it on his own, so he called us in. Normally we have been a closed team, but with our recent shake-ups and other events, we welcomed the homeowner onto the investigation - with a few caveats: he was not to interact with the medium at all until after her walk-through, he may be asked to leave the building for a while, and he would not be given access to the investigation recordings.

an old farmhouse

There are a few reasons for this. There are issues of not wanting Beau to have any foreknowledge about the site. We don't want to color her reading with preconceived notions nor allow the temptation to research the site in any way, but this also allows Beau to speak more freely when she knows these requirements are in place. Simply put, sometimes the things Beau picks up range from unpleasant to downright graphic and we don't want her to be worried that some of that information is going to get back to the homeowner without being tempered a bit first. We find that Beau works better when she doesn't feel obliged to filter anything, and sometimes her unfiltered information would be very disturbing to an individual who lives at one of these places. When Beau encounters something unpleasant she does her best to "clean it up" - making that part of her reading irrelevent to the homeowner's future residency - so both she and Andy feel that there really are some things better left unsaid.

Another issue is centered around a prevailing theory about certain types of haunting. It has been excellently argued (search Dr. Nandor Fodor, and others) that poltergeist phenomena may be psychic externalizations from a resident, rather than a lingering non-corporeal intelligence - some ghosts might not be ghosts at all, but uncontrolled or subconcious psychic abilities of someone who lives or works at a site. There are two ways to address this possibility: investigate with the homeowners around and then again without if something happens, or do the reverse. We opt for the latter because we now trust our medium enough to believe that she would notice the difference if it exists whether the homeowners are there or not, and it is much easier and more thorough to investigate initially without their presence. The only drawback is that we don't get to see how the residents interact with their environment if we investigate without them there.

This, however, is only really a debunking issue, and is largely made irrelevent by a good medium. Besides, we do still review and test a very wide range of possible mundane explanations whether homeowners are present or not, and we aren't looking for possible explanations for events they've experienced - once something's happened, you can't really prove anything either way. We weren't there when they experienced them, so debunking would literally be our word against theirs. We aren't investigating to debunk someone else's experience, but to collect objective evidence of our own experiences.

Analysis has revealed nothing anomalous captured on video at this site and only a very few audio clips so far. Objectively, the site is listed as "inconclusive," while Beau's subjective report has strong elements of historical accuracy and anecdotal validation. From what we collected on this investigation, whether or not one believes something is going on at this site depends largely on how much weight you give the medium's reading.