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bridging science
and parascience

The following bullets are the Investigation Notes we include in our reports. They are things to keep in mind as you review those reports, and anything on this website.

  •   We will rarely list an investigation site as "not haunted." We feel very few people will go through the difficulties involved in calling for an investigation if they did not believe something was going on. We merely report the reasons we suspect a site may have activity (anecdotes and accounts), and our own experiences. We leave negative judgments to the readers of those reports. The most negative claim we feel we are justified in making is "inconclusive," unless all reported anecdotes are found to have alternative explanations satisfactory to the site's proprietor - in which case we'll report exactly that. Deliberate hoaxes are very rare, but they do happen as well.
  •   We do not make specific efforts to "debunk" anecdotes or first hand accounts. Aside from the fact the word itself implies the anecdotes and accounts are "bunk," we feel we are not qualified to judge the powers of observation nor credulity of witnesses in the short time we are before them. However, if we discover reasonable alternatives to those accounts in the course of our investigations, we do inform the proprietor and record those in the investigation report as well. This does not "prove" that the anecdotes were flawed, misobserved, or in any way incorrectly reported, only that viable alternatives have been tested and noted. The problem we have with debunking is that it also implies that we feel we "know" what a person experienced better than he or she does. Sometimes it'll be true, and sometimes it won't. Further, we also refuse to offer highly contentious (or completely bogus) science as a replacement to first-hand experience ("electromagnetic hypersensitivity," "matrixing," et al) without extreme cautions qualifying it as such.
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  •   We rarely include anecdotes or accounts which are wholly subjective in nature. Most wholly subjective experiences of investigators are likewise eliminated from consideration, except with regard to the sensations experienced by a tested Medium. Basically, if we could have captured the experience mechanically (objectively - audio, video, etc.) had appropriate equipment been properly placed, we list it. Medium experiences are listed separately in the "Perspectives" section of our reports.
  •   We only include evidence in which we feel the reasonable possibility of paranormal cause is present. Whenever possible we test in situ - by returning to the site post-investigation, or conduct follow-up investigations - to verify what we collect and report. Audio evidence is best listened to using good quality noise-canceling headphones, but we rarely present clips which require their use.
  •   We do not investigate graveyards! It is illegal to trespass most cemeteries after dark, and we feel it would be irresponsible for us to promote such activity by doing so without express consent from the site's owner. Further, those cemeteries we may have investigated will never be reported here, as we feel positive claims tend to increase incidents of vandalism and desecration. Please respect the dead - you will be one too someday!
  •   "Spiritualist Perspective" is a report regarding the Mediums' claims in our investigations. They are listed primarily for any insight they may give those who believe in a Spiritualist paradigm. We make every effort to validate or refute these claims, and list these efforts in our Historical Perspective, or in bracketed comments within the Spiritualist Perspective.
  •   "Residual" refers to energy present "without intelligent control." "Ghost" refers to spirits "stuck" in our material reality. "Spirit" refers to formerly corporeal personalities who are visiting our reality voluntarily. "Entity" refers to visiting / stuck personalities which have never manifested corporeally.
  •   We do not release information regarding investigation sites, names of proprietors, or any other aspect of an investigation without first obtaining permission to do so. Further, we do not list any information regarding private residence investigations unless we are specifically asked to do so by the site owner and any and all tenants who may be involved.
  •   The fact that the KRI has been given permission to investigate any site does NOT constitute permission for anyone else! Respect the property rights of others.
  •   Sites investigated in which the proprietor requested anonymity are not listed anywhere on this website, nor referenced in any way in our lectures. We guarantee complete discretion when asked, and the several gaps apparent in our investigation schedule bear testament to this.
  •   All reports and evidence generated or distributed by the Kitt Research Initiative (KRI) are the copyrighted material of Andrew J. Kitt and KRI unless specifically stated otherwise. Please respect our intellectual rights as well.