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Created: May 12, 2009
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Other Research - 22 July, 2010

We've often hinted at some of the other research we at KRI find ourselves getting involved with, but rarely provide the details. Let us take this opportunity to do so.

For several months through the past winter we have been involved with various experiments in hypnotic regression. We've been working with Ed Lane of A New You Center for Hypnosis, who's been graciously donating his time towards the project. We've regressed several of our members (and associated non-member volunteers) to past lives with some particularly vivid accounts - although none yet verifiable. Perhaps even more interesting, however, is Ed's (and ours) interest in the results we've achieved in "between life" regression.

Loosely following the work of Dr. Michael Newton, our own between life regression sessions have been yielding similar - and yet notably different - results. There has been an alarming consistency between the reports of the several people we've regressed this way, but these reports don't wholly match the results of Newton's work. We don't feel we've yet collected sufficient data to

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Teammate exits - 7 July, 2010

There have been many crises and complications among the KRI team members since the last update, but none so difficult to adjust to than the departure of our own Lorna Cayer. The last several months have pushed each of us through our own personal wringer, we each have responded in our own way, but we regret to announce that Ms. Cayer has opted to seek out other avenues of exploration.

When a group forms through their combined efforts, it's often hard to see the effects and influence of each of the individuals within that group. A synergy forms, an "energy" different from each individual, yet balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each of those individuals in a new and unique way. It creates a new life, and the importance of any one individual is only felt when one exits the group. The KRI has changed with Lorna's departure, and only time will tell how we rebalance ourselves in the aftermath.

The first notable change is in the website. We consider the site a low priority next to the work itself, so whenever anything goes

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The pollsters say...

The following figures come from a 2005 Gallup poll, based on telephone interviews of 1,002 Americans aged 18 and older.

  • 37% of Americans believe in haunted houses.
  • 56% of American 18 to 29 year olds believe in haunted houses, and the percentage of believers declines steadily with the age of the respondent.
  • Political Moderates and Liberals are nearly twice as likely than Conservatives to believe it possible for a house to be haunted (42%/42% vs 28%).
  • 32% of Americans believe in ghosts.
  • 45% of American 18 to 29 year olds believe, again with the percentage declining with age.

Why more people believe in haunted houses than believe in ghosts was not made clear.