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Created: May 12, 2009
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bridging science
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News items are placed both here and on the Home Page. Although the Home Page only cycles the five most recent stories, they remain archived indefinitely.

Quick update - 19 November, 2009

The website changes are now complete, and we are again in a period of fast activity. Hoepfully, we'll now be able to keep the site updated as it all prgresses!

A couple important events that have recently taken place:

  • Beau has been called in on a missing persons case. We can offer no further details yet until the parties involved give their okay, but this is an important advance nonetheless.
  • The Initiative has had a case referred to us... by a local newspaper! We will be investigating the site this weekend, but again we cannot yet offer any details. And, again, this is an important advance in that legitimate agencies are now blatantly taking our efforts seriously enough to provide our contact information to individuals in need.

And a final bonus... the FORUM is BACK!

Latest report - 3 November, 2009

There are all kinds of imminent changes going on here for us - the details on each or any could make for a substantial article in itself. So, here are the highlights:

First, the website. It has again undergone a major behind-the-scenes change, primarily to make it more cross-browser friendly. Come and look, it's all different - but you would've had to have been our biggest fan to have noticed!

At the same time, we've again checked the site's actual content and updated it faster than we can track the changes. A notable change will come soon in our article on Orbs - either it will be heavily modified or there will be a "Part II" added. With our recent Paranormal Citings entry, it was discovered that events, research, and investigations have "altered the situation" a bit from our perspective, and those changes (and possibly many others on this website) need to be addressed.

But these changes are NOTHING compared to some of the other events unfolding here. We've recently made some contacts

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Slow and steady... - 9 September, 2009

Although it's often difficult to see, the KRI is continuing to make forward progress. Some of the more obvious examples would be an invite to return to a television show, and our new internet radio presence ("Intellectual Spirituality") on BlogTalkRadio. Less obvious is some of the feedback we are receiving from our work with Paranormal Citings, and our recent participation in Portsmouth's third presentation of Pecha Kucha night. These various endeavors are (we hope) laying the groundwork for positioning the KRI as one of the better, more careful, groups. When we say we are trying to bridge parascience to science, we expect to do so - grounded in reason and incredulity. We hope the information we put out there adequately reflects this.

Other important changes include Andy's relinquishing some of his controls and duties. Lorna will be utilizing her forensics and training experience to put together some excercises and lectures about the technical ("how-to") aspects of ghost hunting and

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What's new? - 17 July, 2009

First, we should probably announce somewhere that Andy has moved to Greenland. Although he was offline for over a month due to the move (reflected in the lack of website maintenance!), he is currently settling in and getting back to work. As his new contact information becomes available, this website will be updated accordingly. Lorna, too, is working on relocating closer to Portsmouth, but her contact information will not be changing.

The move has some far-reaching effects on the functions of the group. Until we had a firm address and phone number, the group has been hesitant to add any dates or functions to the calendar. Also, Beau has had a change in scheduling assistants, adding to that effect. We'd like to state here that those were mere bumps in the road that had to be overcome. We've continued investigating in the interim, but the results of those investigations may be slower than normal in review and resolution.

Some serious bonuses to the changes are easier access to highways and a room devoted to research for Andy, and a more

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Where did Seacoast Paranormal go? - 11 May, 2009

We put it back where it belonged. The original purpose of the Seacoast Paranormal Research Group was to act as a networking group for the members of the many various investigating organizations in the Seacoast, NH, region, and those who wished to connect with them. We, the core investigation team of the SPRG, feel that the social arm of the SPRG is failing that mission and that we are to blame. We feel that by fielding a team of investigators under the SPRG name, we are putting the Group's focus on the team instead of the networking.

Further, we feel there is a distinct difference between the motivations of ourselves and many in the SPRG. Our goals have drifted. What started as a simple desire to "experience" paranormal manifestations (as with most Group members) has, for us, developed into a drive to understand and define them, and to bring that understanding to the greater public. As surely as we were affecting the Group, the Group has been affecting us, by making us feel the need to strive for "inclusiveness" rather

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Presidential Paranormalia
  •   Andrew Jackson investigated (and verified) Tennessee's legendary "Bell Witch" haunting.
  •   Jimmy Carter reported an Unidentified Flying Object while Governor of Georgia (1969).
  •   Ronald Reagan frequently consulted psychics and astrologers while President of the United States.
  •   Multiple witnesses have independently claimed Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was heavily influenced by seances conducted in the White House.
  •   Evidence exists which suggests Richard Nixon's anti-terrorism policies were influenced by psychic Jeanne Dixon.

Did you know?
  • that KRI Medium Isabeau Esby teaches a variety of classes, from "Spiritual Awakening" to how to "De-Clutter" your life? Check out her own website at for more information.
  • that members of the KRI team have worked with or learned from some of the best-known investigators in the world? The growing list includes:
    • TAPS' Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson
    • Gavin Cromwell, formerly of "Most Haunted" and "Spirit Seekers"
    • Patrick Burns of "Haunting Evidence"

We have also trained, or worked with, a large number of members of local and regional groups. We have accumulated a very wide range of useful experiences from which to determine what works and what doesn't.