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Created: July 8, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

As updates are made to the website, the changes are logged here. Keep checking back because often changes are made without any headline on the Home Page.

Overhaul - 19 November, 2009


  •   Investigation Picker Building added and connecting links adjusted.
  •   Article on Pseudoscience added and connecting links adjusted.


  •   The FORUM is BACK!
  •   The entire site has been modified behind the scenes to help the pages load faster and be more easily editable.
  •   News on Home page and Archive.
  •   Updated Calendar and Appearances pages.
  •   Several eports have been added to the Hauntings page, and some initial entries made in all other Reports subsections (they are no longer "coming soon" links.
  •   Updated audio protoclos - specifically to Secondary Functions of audio in an investigation.
  •   Additional "helpful links".
  •   Two sponsors have graciously contributed time or services to the Initiative.

Changes - 10 September, 2009


  •   News on Home page and Archive.
  •   Updated Calendar and Appearances pages.
  •   There are a number of minor spelling and grammar corrections. Check the "last modified" date to verify.
  •   Updated text in Team and FAQ pages to reflect that we are no longer looking for site security.

Additions and Changes - 19 July, 2009



Progress Report - 23 May, 2009

The ONLY link which is currently not working is the forum. We are doing what we can to move the data from the old SPRG forum over, but it looks very much like we may be scrapping that idea. Right now, there are 74 pages up and working in MS Internet Explorer v.7.0 but the site is wholly untested on other browsers. Of those 74 pages, 18 have failed validation - mostly for menuing problems and Media Player embedding issues. The pages which have failed still have the validation icon on the bottom, but any which still fail by Tuesday will have them removed.

We will be creating a pointer at the old SPRG sites which lead directly to here after the next (28 May, 2009) SPRG soical. There will be new Headlines on the Home Page until that happens, and we'll likely delay adding any for a week (even though we do have news right now we're screaming to tell people!).

Progress Report - 20 May, 2009

Although there are any number of significant changes since last week, the KRI has yet to formally announce it's "birth." So, no one but our own members is yet aware of the website, nor would it be possible for them to be able to note the changes since then.

Ground Zero - 12 May, 2009

Most of the navigation and content of this website has previously appeared on the Seacoast Paranormal website. The copyright has been wholly transferred to Kitt Research Initiative, and all content has been edited to reflect that change in ownership.

Current events and important news are on the Home Page and the News Archive. To keep track of additions and updates to the site, check here - the Changes Log. As years accumulate, the archive and log will generate new pages.