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Created: May 11, 2009
Last modified: July 22, 2010

bridging science
and parascience

As updates are made to the website, the changes are logged here. Keep checking back because often changes are made without any headline on the Home Page. Previous years' logs are accessible through links along the left margin.

Changes - 22 July, 2010

Changes - Note: many of these changes were made between 13 and 22 July, with test versions of the revisions uploaded during that time. 22 July reflects date of satisfactory completion.

  •   Update Home Page and Archive.
  •   Archive '09 News and update links.
  •   Update Calendar.
  •   Edit Library page for clarity.
  •   Add graphics to Reports page.
  •   Investigation pages updates considered complete.
  •   Begin Library updates, starting with navigation bars on Archive pages.

Changes - 13 July, 2010


  •   Radical overhaul of Frequently Asked Questions.
  •   Begin overhaul of all Investigation pages.

Changes - 11 July, 2010


  •   Correct grammar on What We Do page.
  •   Overhaul Gallery and add photos.
  •   Remove Lorna from Appearances, Team, and Contact pages.
  •   Add Institute of Noetic Sciences to Links page. Add graphics.
  •   Add graphics to Media Appearances and Submissions.
  •   Remove dead links from Groups page.

Changes - 8 July, 2010


  •   Correct spelling and puncuation on About page.
  •   Archive '09 on the Changes log and update links, correct spelling.

Begin compatibilty - 7 July, 2010

Global changes

  •   Switch Web Designs by Lorna and Andy for KRI staff.
  •   Check copyright dates.
  •   Modify CSS calls for browser compatibility.


  •   Home page, new Item, and modified browser warning
  •   3 November 2009 news pop-up edited for spelling.

Current events and important news are on the Home Page and the News Archive. To keep track of additions and updates to the site, check here - the Changes Log. As years accumulate, the archive and log will generate new pages.