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Important!   Listings in the Reports section are found in published documents or group research (notes reserved, except as published on this site). They are for reference only, and do not constitute owners' permissions to investigate the sites!


By Section:

  •   A list of reported phenomena, sorted by region, with references. Sites investigated by KRI members will also contain links to the highlights of that investigation. Clicking any subsection (hauntings, cryptids, etc.) will take you to local New Hampshire information, but access to similar lists from other states will eventually be available in each subsection's left side navigation bar.
  •   This section contains feature-length articles specifically written for the website, or with copyright permission, by members or trusted contributing authors. As they accumulate, we'll provide author biographies and bibliographies here or in the About Us pages, as appropriate. Further, interviews with popular or important figures connected with research into paranormal phenomena will appear here, as well as equipment and book reviews. Only the most recent five articles will directly linked to the Library page (where you are right now), but previous contributions will be accessible from Articles pages.
Forest Glade
  •   Here we keep all the advice and information for new investigators we've discovered for ourselves over the years - the skills they need, the tools we use, and the procedures (and purposes behind them) we follow.
  •   All news briefs from the Home Page are also placed here. As they cycle off the Home Page, however, they remain available indefinitely in the Archive. The same is true for the Changes Log. As the years accumulate so will this section.

Other items we wish to eventually publish here include:

  •   Cemetery and gravesite locators
  •   Historical local maps
  •   Local legends and folklore
  •   Other regional curiosities and noteworthy items

If you enjoy writing and have an interest in any of the phenomena or phenomenal goings-on in New England, we invite you to participate in the expansion of this library! Check out our submission guidelines here.

Should anyone notice errors in the display or content, copyright violations, or issues with any other aspect of this site, please e-mail as soon as you are able. Priority is given to correcting existing pages over adding new ones.