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bridging science
and parascience

What we present here as "Paranormal-101" is the same information and tools we use (or plan to use, or have considered using) on our own investigations, and the hints and advice we learned along the way. We do not expect other groups or individuals to adhere to our standards, but publish them here to help beginners get started, for established groups to accept or reject as they see fit for their own organizations, and for others to consider while they review our investigations and the quality of our efforts. The first and foremost thing to remember, however, is that there is as yet no set of standards in paranormal investigation and research. For now, this is merely our own perspective, and how we overcome the problems put before us. We leave access to this information open so that others may glean whatever they can, at their discretion.

We welcome any constructive criticisms, comments, or advice in the form of additions to our forum, through e-mails, or as submissions as articles. The fields of the various paranormal phenomena are extremely fluid still, populated mainly by amateurs, most of whom we hope are also seriously trying to collect a body of evidence large and compelling enough to draw genuine investigative efforts from the greater scientific community. We too are affected by this fluidity, and the information in any or all of these sections could change dramatically and unpredictably as new knowledge surfaces.

We do what we do in ways that have worked for us, formulated by hypothesis, understanding, and practical experience - all of which are subject to change.

Mike checking equipment


These are the things you should be able to do before you ever show up at any investigation. Some of these hints and advice may seem obvious when you read them, but they are so often overlooked by even the most incredulous skeptics that we post them for people to at least think about. You may say "I don't do this," or "I do do that," but you need to keep carefully re-evaluating yourself constantly because how we think and act are far less apparent to ourselves than they are to those watching us.

  •   Universal  - Very general skills which are of great value in all situations.
  •   Research  - How to get to the information you want, and important perspectives to keep in mind when reviewing what's been said by others.
  •   Investigation  - Specific things to be aware of when you're actually on-site.
  •   Analysis  - It doesn't end with the investigation. What are you getting out of it, and where are you going?


Useful equipment and things to keep on hand.

  •   Basic  - Ways to directly collect or record what your senses are telling you.
  •   Intermediate  - Things which extend the senses into accepted (yet imperceptible) physics.
  •   Advanced  - Items which may or may not be of value - they generally require acceptance of non-universal paradigms.


"Protocol" is just an easier way of saying "Standard Operating Procedure." We try our best to do certain things exactly the same way from invesitgator to investigator, and from investigation to investigation.

  •   Audio  - How we handle sound recordings - including those captured by video equipment - and how we analyze them.
  •   Photography   - Our standards of practical equipment use with regard to still imagery.
  •   Video  - How we collect, process, and review motion picture data.
  •   Mediumship  - The KRI has a lot of "do's and don'ts" with regard to the presence of Mediums at our investigations - enough so that we've given over a section specifically to govern how they should participate and interact with us.

Much of our training classes is centered around the information provided in these pages. If you feel you need a more "hand's on" learning experience, keep checking our calendar, as these classes are only offered sporadically.

Until we begin to investigate other fields of paranormal manifestation, all information supplied here should be assumed to relate directly to the investigation of alleged "haunted" sites. As the Initiative expands its activities into other paranormal fields, this section will be expanded as well to accomodate the additional information and the changes required to address them properly.