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bridging science
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Mediums are people, not tools. So, this protocol is really nothing more than our expectations regarding a Medium's participation in our investigations and how they should be treated by other participants. Although we cannot consider anything sensed by a Medium as objective evidence in any way (even should their observations be later validated), we greatly value their input and participation. We recognize that if the spiritualist paradigm is true and if the physicist paradigm false, then mediumistic abilities may be the only way to observe what is really going on. However, as Mediumship is entirely subjective and by no means a universal ability, we can only use their comments to formulate alternate theories and (hopefully) testable hypotheses regarding the phenomena we hope to observe and capture.


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Mediums are welcome participants, but not investigators. They are not required to show up at "setup time" and may leave whenever they wish. They are not required to review any evidence. We do, however, require all participants to wear audio recorders, and ask any Medium who is scheduled to participate to honor our investigations' schedules and notify us of any delays or changes as soon as possible. Any Medium who also wishes to participate as an investigator should choose which capacity they'd like to perform prior to investigation scheduling, and the only times we have allowed any individual to act as both Medium (or at least Sensitive) and Investigator are those in which a qualified and tested Medium has been unavailable. "Testing" of Mediums is accomplished through review of his or her performance and validations, and efficacy is estimated by Esby and Kitt. There are a number of different styles and types of Mediumship (more to be eventually found in a Library article), and some are more valuable to KRI purposes than others. If you are a Medium and we don't necessarily bring you into as many investigations as you'd prefer, it doesn't mean we are belittling your abilities - only that your particular ability level or style may not be compatible with our investigative purposes.

That said, our primary purpose in including Mediums is to determine what spirits or energies are present in the here and now which may be affecting the site's enviroment. Although many Mediums are more able to "read the environment" and its history (something like psychometry) than make contact or visualize currently active presences, we feel the psychometric style of Mediumship of greater value to "story-telling" than to objective investigation.

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Of potential additional interest are Mediums and Spiritualists who are practiced in the use of more observable and recordable skills, such as dousing and scrying. Also, there are members of the KRI who are interested in experimenting with full-blown seances, but not necessarily at site investigations. If you are a Medium and feel you'd like to participate in any way, please contact Andy at

  •   Mediums should be given an absolute minimum of knowledge with respect to the investigation site. The usual procedure is to confirm availability of the investigation date and provide the Medium the town the site is located in. This prevents both deliberate hoaxing and unintentionally biasing the Medium's sensitivity. The actual site name and address should only be conveyed (by cell phone) once the Medium arrives in the town of the investigation.
  •   Mediums should arrive at the site after initial investigator (camera-locating) walk-through to minimize the amount of information overheard as the setup team compares notes and reported anecdotes. Upon arrival, Mediums should be immediately wired for sound and sent on their own walk-through. Should he or she recommend adjustment of camera positions, the Lead should consider the track record of the particular Medium at hand, and shift placements as the Lead deems appropriate.
  •   The Medium's walk-through should be recorded by a portable Sony. One investigator will be assigned to each Medium, and the investigator should focus the camera's attention on the scene or points of interest referenced by the Medium, and not wholly on the Medium him or her self. During this walk-through, all other investigators should avoid any contact with the Medium. Even if a full-blown manifestation were to occur in another part of the site during walk-through, the Medium should not be consulted or interrupted in any way. Any investigator reference to any kind of perceived or observed presence in any part of the site should be withheld to avoid coloring the Medium's observations.
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  •   After the walk-through, the Medium should report his or her observations directly to the lead investigator. Any further recommendations pertaining to camera locations should be noted at that time. Once this report is complete, any Medium who wishes to practice or display any other special talents (scrying, dowsing, etc.) should do so, with a camera-person recording. Prior to any such display, a Medium should alert the lead investigator in case he / she has any suggestions which could help validate or substantiate the Medium's ability or claim.
  •   When all of the above functions have been carried out to the Medium's satisfaction, he or she is free to participate further in the investigation (so long as he or she does not otherwise interfere in the investigative procedures of collecting evidence), or leave the site, at the Medium's sole discretion. Up to this point, however, it is vital to the validation of a Medium's experience that no two Mediums or Sensitives converse or are even simultaneously present in the same room. Afterwards, they are free to interact as they choose.

  •   Although we agree that the value and abilities of Mediums are highly contentious - particularly with regard to what is intended to be objective investigations, we feel it would be irresponsible to deliberately exclude them; particularly as one of the primary explanatory paradigms for the existence of paranormal (ghost) phenomena suggests Mediums have direct insights into what is going on. The only part of including them that should be subject to question is how much weight to give their observations.
  •   We understand the subjective nature of Mediumship, but also understand its inconstancy. We do not as a group feel that if a Medium fails validation he or she is incompetent or should never again be included. We recognize that Mediumistic ability may be weaker or stronger depending on variables we don't yet understand.
  •   After the investigation proper, a Medium's claims should be checked against reported phenomena and the historical record. Points of correlation should be noted and relayed back to the Medium for his or her own satisfaction. Points discovered which wholly refute a Medium's observations should be withheld from the Medium (unless the Medium has previously requested such information), but noted in the investigation report.