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Created: May 20, 2009
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bridging science
and parascience

So what's the most important "skill?"

Time Management!   Shut off your stinkin' TV!

No TV clipart!

Seriously. If you learn nothing else from reading this website, learn that! It's not just useful for delving into paranormal fields, it's a great lesson in life. There is nothing on there you need to see.

But that might be true for most of the things you'll read in this section - these skills are extremely transferable. We don't break them down by categories (like "ghost-hunting skills," or "cryptozoology skills," etc.) because they're all beneficial to some degree in every field. Also, most of these skills are intellectual in nature. There is nothing here about technology (except how to find instructions on how to use it properly). And although this is a "What-To" section, we also give you ideas on "How-To," and maybe even the occasional "Why-To!"

Some quick "Do's and Don'ts"

  •   Don't think of anything here as an absolute "must-have." These are guidelines, meant solely to give you a little more focus.
  •   Do practice them! If you do them as much as possible, they'll become instinctive.
  •   Do progress checks. Where appropriate, tell someone you trust what you're doing and why, and ask them periodically if they think you're getting better. Don't take your own word for it. Most of us can be mighty self-deceptive.
  •   Do stay balanced. Maintain other interests and hobbies so you have something to go to when it's time to unwind.
  •   Don't let others control your actions and opinions. There are a lot of extreme biases regarding the many various paranormal fields and everyone has an opinion, including you!
Anna at Scenic Theater

And some quick Notes

  •   Feel free to try something new. "Intent" counts for much more than "following instructions," and if you find something different that works for you, please let us know. We have the forum and e-mail addresses here. Don't be afraid to use them.
  •   Anyone can give an answer. The intelligent person is the one who comes up with the questions, and the wise man keeps asking them until he has answers that work.
  •   You might find a lot of repetition here in the Skills sections. That's because they are so vital to learn. A person with the right skills really doesn't need anything else to achieve "personal satisfaction," and can do anything else and go wherever he wants with much more efficiency and accuracy.
  •   Try to figure out why you want to do this. It makes a difference. If you're investigating paranormal phenomena because it looks cool on TV, you might find your motivation and commitment levels won't be enough to keep you going. If you merely want to satisfy a curiosity, then you don't have to do a fraction of what we do to succeed - you could probably achieve that particular goal in the library, or on the internet. "Know Thyself." The words were important enough to be inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. Nothing's changed since then.