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bridging science
and parascience

Clicking on any particular class of phenomena will automatically take you to a list of reports from New Hampshire. This is, after all, where we're based. There, each individual New England state will eventually have it's own link, along with a few links to wider regions. We don't intend this site to be a global report center, but should that happen we'll adjust our navigation system to account for it. Until we need to expand, however, it is what it is.

ghost on the stairs

Each region will further be broken down (indexed by city, for example) in that respective page's left side navigation bar. We only list items that are published in literature, with references. We feel web sources are too unreliable to be included, but may, of course, be listed on the forum.

And, of course, we list our own research and investigations as sources too, and link directly to the appropriate investigation from each reference.

  •   Ghosts, spirits, demons, etc. If we find a report, we list it here.
  •   Aside from such beasts as "Bigfoot", cryptids also include other land animals, birds, and unknown sea creatures. Sometimes, known species are found in areas where they don't belong, like a breeding population of parrots in Connecticut.
  •   MUFON, we expect, does a substantially better job at this than we'll be able. Still, as we uncover reports in printed materials, we'll continue to list them here.
Unusual places
  •   From unexplained artifacts to areas with bizarre magnetic effects, these places are real.
high strangeness
Other anomalies
  •   If it doesn't fit anywhere else, we fit it here.

Although we are adding to these pages as we find time, finding time to uncover the resource material has been as difficult as compiling it. If you know any great books on New England ghosts and hauntings, feel free to post it on the forum, e-mail Andy, or see our contact information page for more details.

Should anyone notice errors in the display or content, copyright violations, or issues with any other aspect of this site, please e-mail our webmaster as soon as you are able. Priority is given to correcting existing pages over adding new ones.