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Important! Listings here are found in published documents, or group research (notes reserved, except as published on this site). They are for reference only, and do not constitute owners' permissions to investigate the sites!

Animals move about and generally avoid humanity, so trying to isolate them by town is (to say the least) dificult. We do what we can, and will eventually modify this page to accomodate a more serious investigation of the incidents and claims.

This listing is sorted by town and quick-linked on the left navigation bar. It contains only reports published in print, documentary film, or television. For personal experiences or internet reports, please check our forum. This listing only contains literature you may reference for more information. Please see your local library (or favorite bookseller) for the full accounts and attached stories.


Wolf sighting • 1944 - this creature was subsequently identified as a new species and named the Eastern Coyote, twice as large as the Western Coyote with up to 89% of its genetic make-up believed to be "wolf-like." It has been seen many times since then, and is now recognized by science. The Holderness sighting is recognized as its first verified observation in NH.

  Mysterious New England, Stevens, Austin N., ed., Yankee, Inc., 1971


Bigfoot-like creature • 1977 - 2 independent sightings of the creature, with footprints.

  Passing Strange, Citro, Joseph A., Houghton Mifflin, 1996


Bigfoot-like creature • 1987 - sighting near Mill Brook.

  Passing Strange, Citro, Joseph A., Houghton Mifflin, 1996